Mar 9This Week on FOOTBALL COPS
Mar 13Salary Cap Punishment
Mar 21Mile High Manning
Mar 23Tebow Vs. Sanchez
Mar 29Sean Payton’s year off
Apr 5Nike Uniforms
Apr 19Draft Analysis
Apr 25Draft Spoilers
May 5War Room
May 17R.I.P. Junior Seau
May 24Tony Romo
Jun 1Cry Me a Rivers (part 1)
Jun 9Cry Me a Rivers (part 2)
Jun 15Go Ocho Go
Jun 21How LdT should have retired
Jun 28The Playbook of Amontillado
Jul 5Why I no longer play Fantasy Football
Jul 12Sean Payton’s year off, part 2
Jul 192012 Offseason
Jul 26The Dark Knight Kickoff
Aug 2Preseason Sucks
Aug 9The Referee Lockout
Aug 16Andrew Luck’s first NFL pass
Aug 23The Injury Bug
Aug 30Russell Mania
Sep 6Football is back
Sep 13The Robot with the Laser Rocket Arm
Sep 20Eli’s weird super power
Sep 27Bad Refs
Oct 4Sean Payton’s Year Off, Part 3
Oct 5Sean Payton’s Year Off, Part 4
Oct 8Sean Payton’s Year Off, Part 5
Oct 11Win one for the Browns
Oct 18Year of the Kicker
Oct 25Jim Harbaugh through the years
Oct 30The Brady Quinn Era
Nov 1RG3 sits down for lunch
Nov 5Football Horrors
Nov 8The Fandom Coaster
Nov 13Payton’s tough choice
Nov 15Tie Game?
Nov 20Jon Gruden Translator
Nov 22Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 29Great moments in QB facial hair
Dec 4Why I hate Sunday Night Football
Dec 6The Alex Smith Drinking Game
Dec 11A few thoughts on the recent tragedies
Dec 13The Plight of the Cardinals
Dec 20Sack Race
Dec 27Merry Christmas


Jan 1J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck
Jan 3Sean Payton is back
Jan 8I am the Walrus
Jan 10Ray Lewis at home
Jan 15Atlanta almost burned again
Jan 17Notre Shame
Jan 19The Patriots are Boring
Jan 22Joe Flacco’s spirit animal
Jan 26Sometimes you have to put them down
Jan 29I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl
Feb 5Ravens win the superbowl
Feb 7Lights Out
Feb 12Gronk the Porn Star
Feb 14Fine policies
Feb 19The Cardinal Solution
Feb 21Rejected Combine Workouts
Feb 26Rich Eisen runs the 40
Feb 28The Waiting is the hardest part
Mar 5Joe Flacco’s Big Deal
Mar 7Mr. Smith goes to Kansas
Mar 12offseason rumors
Mar 14Fitzpatrick goes home
Mar 19The Denver Fax Machine
Mar 21King Payton
Mar 26Controversial Rule Change
Mar 28Payton after dark
Apr 2A completely objective and unbiased comic about the Eagles
Apr 4Cry Me a Rivers part 3
Apr 9Cam Newton Play60 nightmare
Apr 11Mel Kiper’s big endorsement
Apr 16Raiders Fans
Apr 18Draft Preparations
Apr 23Fan hypocrisy
Apr 30The Geno Smith Redemption
May 3Joe Flacco gets betrayed
May 7How Chip Kelly made his decision
May 9Sunday Night Rampage
May 14Kluwe plays Pokemon
May 16Sexy Rexy
May 20Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care 1
May 21Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care 2
May 22Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care 3
May 23Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care 4
May 24Jay Cutler hates my computer
May 28Technical Difficulties
Jun 4Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care 5
Jun 6Questionable Design
Jun 11Arian achieves enlightenment
Jun 13What have I done
Jun 18Tebow
Jun 20Belichick’s grand plan
Jun 25Hernandez faces Justice
Jun 27Revis the Buccaneer
Jul 2The Boogyman of Boston
Jul 4Payton Celebrates July 4th
Jul 9Sean Payton’s torrid love affair
Jul 11Tony Romo learns to drive
Jul 16No team left behind
Jul 18Offseason Media
Jul 23Birdwatching
Jul 25Oregon’s new coach
Jul 30Who needs an offensive line anyway?
Aug 1More like the Hall of Lame Game
Aug 8Drink Football Lite!
Aug 13Fight for your right to TD Dance
Aug 15The great ligament shortage of 2013
Aug 20The Day Boston Stood Still
Aug 22The Day Boston Stood Still 2
Aug 27Rex Ryan’s postgame meltdown
Aug 28Rex Ryan’s tough choice
Sep 3Fantasy Football
Sep 5Welcome back, Football
Sep 10The David Wilson Rap
Sep 12Cry Me A Rivers, Part 4
Sep 17Attack of the killer tomato
Sep 19Kaepernick and Wilson’s bet
Sep 23Week of Sadness, Part 1
Sep 24Sadness Week 2
Sep 25Sadness week 3: the QB cemetery
Sep 26Sadness Week: The Time Traveler (part 1)
Sep 27Sadness Week: The Time Traveler (part 2)
Oct 1Giant Problems
Oct 3Peyton is a jerk
Oct 8Pinktober
Oct 10The 5 Stages of Lost Season
Oct 15The Buc stops here
Oct 17Pick a number, any number
Oct 22The Hype Machine
Oct 24How Gravity should have ended
Oct 29Diva Training
Oct 31Happy Halloween from The Draw Play
Nov 5Dick in Disguise
Nov 7The Future of Football?
Nov 12Cam and his towel
Nov 14Sean Payton’s tough love
Nov 19Can’t stop the Eli Train
Nov 21Useless Stats
Nov 26The post game emotion range
Nov 28Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec 3The Mystery Man of Tiananmen Square
Dec 5Quality Sports Journalism
Dec 10Cry Me A Rivers, Part 5
Dec 12Snow Football
Dec 17Game of Sexy Thrones
Dec 19The NFC North
Dec 24A Christmas Present for Brady
Dec 26The most confusing puzzle
Dec 31Kyle Romo


Jan 2No Comic, I’m sick
Jan 7Choke Job
Jan 9Sammy, Kaepernick’s Tortoise
Jan 14Andrew Good Fortune
Jan 16Cry Me A Rivers, Part 6
Jan 21Richard Sherman
Jan 23The Pro Bowl
Jan 28That guy
Jan 30Cold Weather Bowl
Feb 1The Media and Marshawn Lynch
Feb 4Super Bowl 48
Feb 6Put a 12 on it
Feb 8Let the suffering begin
Feb 11Michael Sam
Feb 13Jimmy Haslam builds the Browns
Feb 15Happy Valentines Day
Feb 18Incognito gets bullied
Feb 20Time to burn those jerseys
Feb 22Questionable Design 2
Feb 25Fat Guys Running 40s
Feb 27Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend
Mar 1Hockey Comix
Mar 4New York or New Jersey?
Mar 6Wake up call
Mar 11Goodbye, Champ
Mar 13The Raiders in Free Agency
Mar 15Steve Smith meets Joe Flacco
Mar 18Jim Irsay wants to trade
Mar 20Power Outage
Mar 22Free Agency Battles
Mar 25The Lion QB
Mar 27Goober QBs
Mar 29Cry Me a Rivers, part 7
Apr 1Draft Day
Apr 3Why DeSean Jackson got released
Apr 5No one is safe
Apr 8Jadeveon Clowney
Apr 10RG3’s new logo
Apr 12Kaep the gentleman
Apr 15Aldon Smith is a big stupid idiot
Apr 17Hollywood Football
Apr 19CJ2k takes good care of his money
Apr 22Smug Soccer Fans
Apr 23A brief retrospective on the Draw Play thus far
Apr 24Skip Bayless tries stand up comedy
Apr 26Hail to the Redskins
Apr 29The Bortal Gun
May 1Ha Ha on first
May 3The Forgotten Prince
May 6Cry Me a Rivers Reunion, part 1
May 8Cry Me a Rivers Reunion, Part 2
May 10Cry Me a Rivers Reunion, Part 3
May 13Michael Sam’s Kiss
May 15Johnny Manziel gets his wish
May 17Arena Football
May 20Rub some dirt on it
May 22Lonely off-season nights
May 24Hail to the Racists
May 27Football Fan types: The Hyper Passionate Fan
May 29Sean Lee gets hurt
May 31Weed Policies
Jun 3Manziel and the media
Jun 5Football Fans: The Pessimist
Jun 7Jim Irsay gets punished
Jun 10Jay Cutler doesn’t care part 6
Jun 12Football Fans: The Optimist
Jun 14The Falcons get their closeup
Jun 17Football Fans: The Conspiracy Theorist
Jun 19Raiders of the Comment Section
Jun 21Zygi Wilf buys a Super Bowl
Jun 24Football Fans: the Jaded fan
Jun 26Peyton studies film
Jun 28Football Fans: The Fair Weather Fan
Jul 1Fireman Ed’s triumphant return
Jul 3The World Cup
Jul 5The Future of the World Cup
Jul 8Football Fans: The Veteran
Jul 10Pollard the Inventor
Jul 12Cleveland Situational Comedy
Jul 15Shahid Khan’s cat
Jul 17Football Fans: The Glory Hunter
Jul 19Chris Kluwe’s Hypocrisy
Jul 22Oakland’s Stadium Troubles
Jul 24Tony Dungy clarifies his statement
Jul 26Sick Nasty Beets
Jul 29Johnny & The King 2
Jul 31David Wilson’s Neck
Aug 2Michael Strahan
Aug 5Joe Flacco gets a friend
Aug 7Hardknocks with Matt Ryan
Aug 12Johnny & the King 3
Aug 14The Unfunny Clown
Aug 16Football Fan Types: The Fantasy Nut
Aug 19Johnny & The King & the Ice Bucket Challenge
Aug 21Football Bigfoot
Aug 23Flag Football
Aug 26Sam Bradford gets a checkup
Aug 28Championship Tattoos
Aug 30New NFL policy
Sep 2Johnny & The King and a Dragon
Sep 4Let the pain wash away
Sep 6JJ Watt gets paid
Sep 9The Johnny Manziel drinking game
Sep 11The NFC East
Sep 13All the Commissioner’s Men
Sep 16RG3 gets hurt again
Sep 18Can we switch Roger Goodell
Sep 20Chad Henne’s struggles explained
Sep 23Chad Henne struggles 2
Sep 25Jay Cutler, the Don’t Caaaaaaare Bear
Sep 27James Harrison Returns
Sep 30The Neckbeard Returns
Oct 2Mike Glennon Gets The Game Ball
Oct 4Dennis Allen Gets Fired
Oct 7We all want the Pats to fail
Oct 9Captain Kirk vs the Seattle Klingons
Oct 11The Giants prepare for the Eagles
Oct 14The Eagles all black uniforms
Oct 16Vontaze does the Twist
Oct 18Sean Payton scolds his team
Oct 21Peyton breaks the TD record
Oct 23Andrew & Trent visit the funhouse
Oct 25A question of identity
Oct 28The Don’t Care Bears
Oct 30BumbleBen Roethlisbee
Nov 1He Returns
Nov 4It’s Sanchize Time
Nov 6The Steelers prepare to face the Jets
Nov 8Dr. Dalton and Mr. Andy
Nov 11Jets Win! Jets Win!
Nov 13Tony Romo’s Motivation
Nov 15Not that there’s anything wrong with that
Nov 18Trap Game
Nov 20Buffalo’s Blizzard Problem
Nov 21The saddest reason to be proud
Nov 25Angels in the Endzone
Nov 27A Washington Thanksgiving
Nov 29Guest Comic: Tom Brady makes breakfast
Dec 2The Adventures of MegaWatt
Dec 4The NFC South Plays Poker
Dec 6The Cowboys go over .500
Dec 9Raider and 49er fans have a pleasant discussion
Dec 11Cam Gets in a Car Accident
Dec 13Johnny & The King: Johnny’s Money Gesture
Dec 16Johnny and the 300
Dec 18The Don’t Care Bear Gets Benched
Dec 20The Draw Play Advanced Statistics
Dec 23Did you know Antonio Gates played Basketball
Dec 25Merry Rexmas to all, except the Browns
Dec 26Guest Comic Saturday
Dec 30Tom and Jerry keep their jobs


Jan 1You can help end Teamlessness
Jan 3Why Doug Marrone Left
Jan 6Ben Gets His Bell Rung
Jan 8Why the flag got picked up
Jan 10Insurance Salesman
Jan 13The Calvin Johnson Rule
Jan 15Ground Control To Kam Chancellor
Jan 17John Elway goes to work
Jan 20The Patriots go back to the Super Bowl
Jan 22The Ballston Massacre
Jan 24Arizona’s Pro Bowlers get ready for the big day
Jan 27Marshawn vs the NFL
Jan 29Puppy Bowl Media Day
Jan 31Super Bowl 49
Feb 3The Legend of Giants
Feb 5The Tragedy of Left Shark
Feb 7It could always be worse
Feb 10Richard Sherman’s new baby
Feb 12JJ Wildman
Feb 14Happy Valentines Day
Feb 17Run Rich Eisen Run
Feb 19Dave Visits Seattle
Feb 21Dave wanders Seattle
Feb 24The NFL Combine is creepy
Feb 26Designing the new Browns colors
Feb 28The Dez Bryant Video Revealed
Mar 3JPP Gets Franchise Tagged
Mar 5Chip Kelly makes a Shady Deal
Mar 7Brandon Marshall meets Geno Smith
Mar 10Jeremy Maclin gets a contract offer
Mar 12New Orleans going into Meltdown mode
Mar 14The Passing of the Noose
Mar 17Ride the Dolphins!
Mar 19Chris Borland Retires
Mar 21Greg Hardy signs with the Cowboys
Mar 24Trent Richardson comes to the Raiders
Mar 26JJ Wildman part 2
Mar 28Tom Coughlin reaches the modern age
Mar 31The Falcons get Sanctioned
Apr 1Soccer Rules!
Apr 4Johnny & The King: The worst pun ever
Apr 7Westeros Week 1: Robb Stark goes down
Apr 8Westeros Week 2: The Castle Black Crows get ready
Apr 9Westeros Week 3: Drug Policies
Apr 10Westeros Week 4: Dysfunctional Front Offices
Apr 14True Gender Equality
Apr 16Aaron Hernandez’s Last Chance
Apr 18The Browns new uniforms
Apr 21The Eagles QB lineup
Apr 23The Sports Blogosphere reacts to the NFL schedule
Apr 25Dave visits the holy land
Apr 28Jetlag
Apr 30That Guy, Again
May 2Marcus Mariota Gets Drafted
May 5The 49ers Alt Uniforms
May 7The Fallout of ChernoBall
May 9The Fresh Prince of St. Louis
May 12California Solves the Water Crisis
May 14Tom Brady’s First Deflation
May 16JagsFan watches the news
May 19Rad Rex
May 21Why Kraft dropped the fight
May 23Pete Carroll and the Chocolate Factory
May 26Beats by Ray
May 28Hardknocks with JJ Wildman
May 30Kaepernick the Weatherman
Jun 2Cam and Tannehill get paid
Jun 4Peterson comes back
Jun 6The Bronco Fart Tax
Jun 9Big Black & Blue
Jun 11The Curse of the Monkey’s Paw
Jun 16Why Michael Sam left Montreal
Jun 18The King Drowns His Sorrows
Jun 20Pete Carroll gives his rookies a pep talk
Jun 23A reason to live
Jun 25The End of an Era
Jun 27Love is legal for everyone
Jun 30Brady Appeals His Suspension
Jul 2Jurassic Watt
Jul 4Happy 4th of July
Jul 7JPP Can’t Handle Some Fireworks
Jul 9Wake and Suh Show off
Jul 11Greg Hardy’s Suspension
Jul 14Tebow’s Existential Crisis
Jul 16Demaryius Thomas Signs His Contract
Jul 18Cowherd Leaves ESPN
Jul 21JPP gets a notification
Jul 23The Opposite of Interesting
Jul 25Junior Galette Gets Cut
Jul 28The Picture of Jim Caldwell
Jul 30Brady’s Phone
Aug 1Russell Wilson has an idea
Aug 4The Money Island Quest Continues
Aug 11The 49ers Nightmare Offseason Comes To A Close
Aug 13Fitzpatrick gets the Jets job
Aug 15The Pope Refuses to Bless Sam Bradford
Aug 18JJ Watt bleeds for America
Aug 20Training Camp Fights
Aug 22RG3 says a dumb thing
Aug 25The true victims of Jordy Nelson’s injury
Aug 27Sexy Rexy Rises Again
Aug 29Fan Hypocrites
Sep 1Trent Richardson Gets Cut
Sep 3The AristoSkins
Sep 5Goodell’s Last Resort
Sep 8Tebow Gets Cut
Sep 10Football Is Back
Sep 12The Patriots Fly Their New Banner
Sep 15Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston
Sep 17Draftkings and Fanduel need to jump off a bridge
Sep 19Chiefs Bot
Sep 22No Regrets Allowed
Sep 24The Terrible Towel
Sep 26Bad Comedian Eli Manning
Sep 29The Rams Turf Fire
Oct 1The 49er Blame Game
Oct 3Josh Scobee wakes up
Oct 6Joe Philbin Gets Canned
Oct 8Why the flag wasn’t thrown
Oct 10Sam Bradford Works His Butt
Oct 13Noodle Arms
Oct 15Buttcatch
Oct 17Indianapolis Prepares For The Storm
Oct 20It Belongs In A Museum
Oct 22The Muscle Hamster
Oct 24Don’t Make Him Angry
Oct 27Philip Rivers Has No Protection
Oct 29Ryan Mallett Gets Cut
Oct 31Happy Halloween!
Nov 3The Regression Of Colin Kaepernick
Nov 5Is Anyone Paying Attention To The Vikings
Nov 7Unemployed Coaches
Nov 10A Dwayne Allen Story
Nov 12Don’t Be Like This Me
Nov 17Peyton Breaks The Record
Nov 19Cam Newton Gets No Respect
Nov 24Rob Ryan Screws New Orleans
Nov 26Happy Thanksgiving
Dec 1The Denver Brockos
Dec 3The Browns Pain, When Will It End?
Dec 4The Lions Pain, When Will It End?
Dec 5Joe Buck’s Terrible Beard
Dec 8Chip Kelly’s Wild Ride
Dec 10The NFC East
Dec 12JJ Watt Breaks His Hand
Dec 15Andy Dalton’s Hopes and Dreams
Dec 17It’s Not Over Till The Fat Walrus Burps
Dec 22The Sad Saga of Andre Johnson
Dec 29America Gets Dabbing
Dec 31Chip Kelly Gets Fired


Jan 5Farewell My Sweet Jim Tomsula
Jan 7Farewell My Sweet Tom Coughlin
Jan 9Lovie Smith’s Future Plans
Jan 12The Frozen Tears of Minnesota
Jan 14The Cincinnati Bungles
Jan 16Los Angeles Football
Jan 19Why We Watch Football
Jan 21God and Russell Wilson
Jan 26Tom Brady Grieves
Jan 28The Arizona Cardinals Will Make It Someday
Jan 30Seriously Just Cut the Pro Bowl already
Feb 2Megatron Considers Retirement
Feb 4Simulating Super Bowl 50
Feb 9Peyton Shows Who’s Boss
Feb 11Cam Newton Digs A Bigger Hole
Feb 13Eli Face Explained
Feb 16Skeletons In The Closet
Feb 18Time For A Little R&R
Feb 20Ben McAdoo Puns
Feb 23Philip Rivers Needs A Babysitter
Feb 25Marshawn Lynch’s Retirement Plans
Feb 27NFL Combine Interviews
Mar 1Mock Draft Season Is Here
Mar 3The Very First Photobomb
Mar 5Sam Bradford Gets Paid
Mar 8Peyton Manning Rides Into The Sunset
Mar 10DeMarco Murray Joins the Titans
Mar 12One Last Johnny And The King
Mar 15Prince Amukamara To The Jags
Mar 17Too Many Money Forts
Mar 19The Battle For Fort Elite Moneys Heats Up
Mar 22RG3 Checks Out The Browns
Mar 24The Dallas Cowboys Best Free Agent
Mar 26The Rueben Randle Route Finder
Mar 29RIP Dave’s Tablet
Mar 30The Draw Play is on Patreon!
Apr 2Does A Bear Care In The Woods
Apr 5A New Draw Play Tablet Era Begins
Apr 7Colin Kaepernick Negotiates His Contract
Apr 9The Emotional Distress Of Deflategate
Apr 12Dancing With The Farts
Apr 14Josh Gordon Meets His Grim Fate
Apr 16The Rams Trade with The Titans
Apr 19Comic 500!
Apr 21The Eagles Trade Up
Apr 23The Chiefs Tampering Problem
Apr 26Josh Norman The Redskin
Apr 30Laremy Tunsil’s Hackers Revealed
May 3How the Giants Drafted Eli Apple
May 5Robert Nkemdiche Buys His Pet Panther
May 7The Offseason Hibernation Begins
May 10ESPN takes out the trash
May 12The Penn State Attorneys
May 14The Curse Of Tony Romo
May 17Zach Mettenberger Gets Cut
May 19Tom Coughlin Is Lost
May 21The Jaguars and Rotten Injury Luck
May 23Meet The Bryants Week!
May 24Meet the Bryants Week 2 – Monopoly
May 25Dez Bryant Week 3: Dez Eats Taco bell
May 26Dez Bryant Week 4: Fecal Urgency
May 27Dez Bryant Week 5: Pez in Charge
May 31Sammy Watkins Breaks His Foot
Jun 2JJ Watt’s New Logo Is Bad
Jun 4Farewell OBJ’s Career, you were so young
Jun 7Aqib Talib Finds Some Support
Jun 9The Day That Roger Goodell Died
Jun 11Massive Trainwreck
Jun 14The pANThers Meet Their Doom
Jun 16Cam Newton’s New Dance
Jun 18Mike Carey’s Good Day At Work
Jun 21Everything Is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts
Jun 23The Most Valuable Chokers
Jun 25The League Of Extraordinary Disappointments
Jun 28Russell Wilson’s New Logo
Jun 30Rest In Peace Buddy Ryan
Jul 2Fort Money Gets A Lucky Break
Jul 5JPP’s Fireworks PSA
Jul 7Vince Wilfork the Centerfold
Jul 9Groundhog Jets
Jul 12Miko Grimes Equals Drama Times
Jul 14Beating a Deflated Horse
Jul 16Von Miller Joins The Fight
Jul 19You Don’t Know Where Those Hands Have Been
Jul 21Arian Foster Joins the Dolphins
Jul 23RIP Coach Dennis Green
Jul 26Chip Kelly Plays Pokemon
Jul 28Geno gets the Bad News
Jul 30New Ghostbusters and the NFL
Aug 2Alex Smith Goes For A Walk
Aug 4Bill Belichick vs The Media
Aug 6We Are The Addicts of Football
Aug 9The Hall of Fame Game Gets Cancelled
Aug 11Tim Tebow Tries Some Baseball
Aug 13What if Joey Bosa Pulled an Eli Manning?
Aug 16JPP and Olivier Vernon Pound It Out
Aug 18Schrodinger’s Cruz
Aug 20What About A Scumbag Kicker
Aug 23Tony Romo Gets Some Competition
Aug 25Roberto Aguayo: Accurate Kicker
Aug 27Tom Brady Confirmed Soft
Aug 30The Weird Logic Of Joey Bosa Critics
Sep 1Colin Kaepernick By Rory Riggins
Sep 3The Draw Play Gets Married
Sep 6Trevor Siemian Gets The Start (by Spilly)
Sep 7Too Much Mustard Series Finale Part 1 (By Rob Press)
Sep 8Too Much Mustard Series Finale, Part 2 (by Rob Press)
Sep 9Too Much Mustard Series Finale, Part Final (By Rob Press)
Sep 13A True Love of the Game, By James Gibson
Sep 15Cheers G3
Sep 17Can Rex Ryan Save His Sinking Ship?
Sep 20Russell Wilson Meets His Nemesis
Sep 22The Don’t Care Bear Faces A New Threat
Sep 24Thursday Night Football
Sep 27The Gus Bus Drops Below 50
Sep 29JJ Watt Goes To IR
Oct 1T-Shirt Puns For Every Quarterback
Oct 4The Chargers Just Can’t Finish
Oct 6Tom Brady’s Got Back
Oct 8Game Postponed Due To Tampa Lightning
Oct 11The NFL Ratings Plummet Explained
Oct 13Clipboard Jesus Visits The Browns
Oct 15Adam Gase Gives The Dolphins Their Dignity
Oct 18The Gus Bus Meets the Chuck Truck
Oct 20The Great QB Controversy of 2016
Oct 22Goodell and Mara discuss Josh Brown
Oct 25The Eight Stages To Watching Bad Football
Oct 27Jared Goff Wants To Start
Oct 29Happy Halloween!
Nov 1Jamie Collins Doesn’t Like Dogs
Nov 3What if other jobs had Ties?
Nov 5Justice For Steve Bartman
Nov 8United States Travel Woes
Nov 10The Raiders Bandwagon Passes By
Nov 12A Time Traveler Visits 2016
Nov 15Tony Romo Vs. Dak Prescott
Nov 17Wait A Minute Are The Titans Good?
Nov 19Seattle Fans Get Their Vengance
Nov 22What’s In A Football Name?
Nov 24Have a great Turkey Day!
Nov 29Welcome to Football Jeopardy!
Dec 1The Cardiac Cats Strike Again
Dec 3Tim Tebow Confesses Belichick Broke Him
Dec 6Andy Reid Orders A Game Winning Drive
Dec 8Earl Thomas Goes To Injured Reserve
Dec 10Jim Tomsula Gets The Oregon Job
Dec 13Fisher Finally Fired For Failing Football Fantastically
Dec 15Brock Osweiler Gets A Pep Talk
Dec 17Comic 600: The Great Cowboy Fans Civil War
Dec 20The Time Is Right To Hop On The Titans Bandwagon
Dec 22JJ Watt Gives Zach Mettenberger A Present
Dec 24Merry Christmas To All and To All Screw Philly
Dec 27It’s a Wonderful Steelers
Dec 29Get your very own Pitt Man Tom Savage – By Spilly
Dec 31I Don’t Even Know What This Is (By Sam Greszes)


Jan 3Steve Smith Retires From The Game
Jan 5The Official 2016 Playoffs Bandwagon Guide
Jan 7Aqib Talib Breaks The Chain Of Oppression
Jan 10The Miami Dolphins Go For A Boat Party
Jan 12The Bills Make No Sense Sometimes
Jan 14The LA Chargers New Logo
Jan 17Tony Romo Blocks The Kick
Jan 19Mike Tomlin Makes A Golden Speech
Jan 21The Raiders Will Control Vegas
Jan 24It’s Time to Hashtag #Riseup
Jan 26Thursday Night Dodgeball
Jan 28Before you die, you see 5 Rings
Jan 31Jed York Hires John Lynch
Feb 4The Irony Of The Super Bowl Party
Feb 7When you choke, you see the Rings
Feb 9The GOAT Is Finally Revealed
Feb 11The LA Chargers Update Their Brand
Feb 14Eli Says Goodbye To Victor Cruz
Feb 16Patriots Are Dangerous To Birds
Feb 18LeSean McCoy versus Pro Football Focus
Feb 21Jim Tomsula Gets The Redskins Job
Feb 23NFL Players Should Not Take Pay Cuts
Feb 25What Does Ben McAdoo Look Like?
Feb 28How NFL Scouts Find Tight Ends
Mar 2Fort Elite Revis Island Gets Abandoned
Mar 4Terrell Owens And The Hall of Fame
Mar 7Rich Eisen Wins The Adidas Island Challenge
Mar 9Hard Hitting Combine Questions
Mar 11Arian Foster Fights The Wolf
Mar 14Don’t Care Bear Leaves Bearland
Mar 16The Philadelphia Eagles Rap
Mar 18The Teletubbies and the Atlanta Falcons
Mar 21Adrian Peterson makes a switch
Mar 23Roberto Aguayo Gets Some Training
Mar 25Brandon Marshall, Buy Now!
Mar 28John Elway Clears Up Some Rumors
Mar 30Dont Care Bear: The Off Months
Apr 1Buy Dave Taco Bell – By Spilly
Apr 4Butt – By The Chirurgeon
Apr 6Phil Simms Wishes Tony Romo Well
Apr 8Bills Ruin Everything
Apr 11Kaepernick’s Unemployment
Apr 13Las Vegas Raiders Slots
Apr 15Nike Makes The Lions New Uniforms
Apr 18Sleepless Sherman In Seattle
Apr 20Derek Carr Says A Stupid
Apr 22The End of the Hernandez Saga
Apr 25Laremy Tunsil’s New App
Apr 27Your Moment Has Come, Philadelphia
Apr 29The Cowboys Get A Taco
May 2Broncos Fans Perversions Rear Their Ugly Head
May 4Mitch Trubisky Panders to Chicago
May 6Marshawn Lynch on The Raiders
May 9The Don’t Care Booth Bear
May 11Brock Osweiler Finally Becomes A Brown
May 13Smart NFL General Manager Decisions
May 16Tom Brady, The Goat
May 18An Unforgettable Moment In History
May 20Ryan Fitzpatrick Meets Jameis Winston
May 23The Life Cycle Of A Hot Take
May 25Even An Evil Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
May 27Mr. Smith Goes To Mars
May 30Mr. Smith Goes To Mars 2: Electric Moonagloo
Jun 1Mr. Smith Goes to Mars 3
Jun 3A Better Choice Than Alex Smith
Jun 5Jeremy Maclin Leads The Mission To Mars
Jun 8Secret Agent Gronk
Jun 10The Jets Become the Tank
Jun 13Taking a Week off for Illness
Jun 15Watching Football In Germany – Guest Comic by Leon Häfner
Jun 17Weird Sports Names – Guest Comic by Gavin Kelly
Jun 20Guess It’s Time To Watch Baseball Again
Jun 22Super Mario Possesses Chargin’ Chuck
Jun 24Watching Illegal Streams For Football – Guest Comic by Leon Häfner
Jun 27Derek Carr Joins The Money Fight
Jun 29Roberto Aguayo Faces The Pressure
Jul 1Jim Irsay Gets Hacked
Jul 4Happy 4th of July
Jul 6Sir Rex A Lot Drops Hot Fire
Jul 8Eli Gets His Rocket Pop
Jul 11The Money War Finds New Purpose
Jul 13Dak Prescott Signs An Autograph
Jul 15Kevin Durant Gets Roasted
Jul 18David Gettleman Gets Let Go
Jul 20A Scumbag Hidden in our Midst
Jul 22The Juice Is Once More Loose
Jul 25Calvin Johnson Drops A Truth Bomb
Jul 27The Redskins Offer K. Cousins A Contract
Jul 29The Sad Ending Of Lucky Whitehead
Aug 1The Ravens And Colin Kaepernick
Aug 3We have to take what we can get
Aug 5Ryan Tannehill Goes Down
Aug 8Don’t Care Bear Takes His Apathy To South Beach
Aug 10Vince Wilfork Calls it Quits
Aug 12Roger Goodell Suspends Zeke Elliot
Aug 15Roberto Aguayo Gets Fired
Aug 17Injured Reserve Starts A New Season
Aug 19Jordan Matthews Gets Traded
Aug 22Blake Bortles Faces The Hard Truth
Aug 24The Bills Give A Ted Talk
Aug 26The Colts Hide Andrew Luck’s Injury
Aug 29The Reason Julian Edelman Went Down
Aug 31The Money Saga Reaches Michigan
Sep 2The Sudden Fate of Joe Haden
Sep 5Jermaine Kearse Goes To The Jets
Sep 7Welcome Back, Our Wonderful Distraction
Sep 9Alex Smith Beats The Patriots
Sep 12Scott Tolzien Sucks A Lot
Sep 14Rex Ryan Tries His Hand At Announcing
Sep 16RIP The Best Hair In Sports
Sep 19Sam Bradford Misses Week 2
Sep 21The Many Different Results Of Trash Talk
Sep 23Overused Jokes In Football
Sep 26Marcus Mariota Recruits New Titans Fans
Sep 28The Steelers Versus Bad Teams
Sep 29Missing the Steelers – Guest Comic by Leon Häfner
Sep 30RIP Stick to Sports
Oct 3The Bears Go With Mitch Trubisky
Oct 5Nike Needs New Uniform Gimmicks
Oct 7Cam Newton Says a Dumb Thing
Oct 10The Giants Wide Receivers Meet Their Fate
Oct 12Adrian Peterson Gets Traded to the Cardinals
Oct 14So…Do We Respect The Jags Or What?
Oct 17The Dolphins Get A Pep Talk
Oct 19Aaron Rodgers Goes Down
Oct 21Al Michaels Cracks A Joke
Oct 24The Dark Secret Behind the Broncos Recent Failures
Oct 26The Fog Obscures The Falcons Pain
Oct 28David Johnson Finds A Friend In Injured Reserve
Oct 31It’s A Good Time To Be A Houston Sports Fan
Nov 2Jimmy Garoppolo Gets Traded
Nov 4Why The Browns AJ McCarron Trade Failed
Nov 7Jalen Ramsey Snaps AJ Green
Nov 9Jameis Winston Gives A Speech
Nov 11Deion Sanders Is A Thin-Skinned Baby Man
Nov 14The Bills Are Still The Bills
Nov 16The NFL Civil War
Nov 18Ben McApoop – Guest Comic by Janoris Jenkins
Nov 21The Chiefs Eat the L
Nov 23Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 28Dooby Scoo and the Case of the Real Jason Garrett
Nov 30Iron Manning Deserved Better Than This
Dec 2Officer Chuck Pagano Gets a Lead
Dec 5Yeah No One Expected Case Keenum To Do This
Dec 7Ben and Jerry’s Worst Flavor
Dec 9The Fault In Our Browns
Dec 12This Sad Game We Watch
Dec 14The Patriots Vs Miami
Dec 16Green Bay Joins The NFC Playoff Party
Dec 19The Bizarre NFL Catch Rule
Dec 27I hope you’ve found your peace, Dad


Jan 9The Chiefs Get Their Pregame Speech
Jan 11The Unappreciated Victims of the Bills Success
Jan 13Tom Cable Gets Fired
Jan 16The Steelers Play Jaguar Kart
Jan 18Marcus Williams Gets Distracted
Jan 20Tony Romo Learns The Truth
Jan 23Fans Get Excited For The Super Bowl
Jan 25The Vikings Miss Their Big Chance
Jan 27In Defense Of Eagles Fans
Jan 30The Totally True NFL Conspiracy
Feb 1The Puppy Bowl No One Wanted
Feb 3Who Do We Root For
Feb 6Super Bowl MVP Big Dick Nick
Feb 8The Colts Find A New Coach
Feb 10Sweet Delicious Patriots Schadenfreude
Feb 12Dave isn’t done moving
Feb 20Jimmy Garoppolo Adds His Much More Than Two Cents
Feb 22Everyone Has A Dirty Secret
Feb 24Why Did Marcus Peters Get Traded?
Feb 27The Money Ship Finds A Stowaway
Mar 1Friendship Ended With Papa Johns Pizza
Mar 3Jalen Ramsey Coverage
Mar 6The NFL Combine Is A Human Meat Market
Mar 8The Mighty Ed Hochuli Retires
Mar 10Tyrod Taylor Becomes A Brown
Mar 13Richard Sherman and the 49ers
Mar 15The Dolphins Release Ndamukong Suh
Mar 17Joe Thomas Calls It Quits
Mar 20Antonio Cromartie Has Bigger Dreams
Mar 22Kirk Cousins Gets That Mad Cash
Mar 24The New York Jets Go All In
Mar 27Jason Pierre-Paul Becomes A Buccaneer
Mar 29Ndamukong: Suh Island
Mar 31The Draw Play #Brand Expands
Apr 3Certain Players Break The Media
Apr 5Turn And Face No Change-The B-B-Bengals
Apr 7Philip Rivers Welcomes Geno Smith
Apr 10The Titans Get A Pointy New Uniform
Apr 12Richie Incognito Retires
Apr 14Alternative Titans Uniform Concepts
Apr 17Why The Oakland Raiders Cut Marquette King
Apr 19Dez Bryant Plays Rock Paper Scissors
Apr 21The Nike Designers Finally Realize Their Mistake
Apr 24Just One Week of Draft Nonsense Left
May 1David Gettleman Ignores The Nerds
May 3The Bills Roller Coaster Of Draft Emotions
May 5Shaquem Griffin Gets Drafted
May 8The NC-84M Capitalism Encounters A Fully Operational Money Station
May 10A New NFL Cheerleader Learns The Rules
May 12Alternative Options For Odell Beckham’s Logo
May 15Lions Fans Get Some Bad News About Matt Patricia
May 17David Tepper Rubs His Balls
May 19Eli Manning Commits A Fraud
May 22Mike Glennon Feels Ill
May 24The Chargers Season Hits A Speedbump
May 26The NFL’s Baffling Ability To Always Make Things Worse
May 29No One Can Do A Pushup Like Nick Foles
May 31The Truth Behind Draw Play Dave Revealed
Jun 5The Origins Of The Sexy Rexy Rose
Jun 7The Inspiration of Dwight Clark
Jun 9The Fans Who Are Still Waiting For It
Jun 12Gronkowski Enjoys The Belmont
Jun 14Andrew Luck Finally Throws A Football
Jun 16Hue Jackson Finally Jumps In Lake Erie
Jun 19Offseason Vibes
Jun 26Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Trophy Wall Gets A New Victim
Jun 28Terrell Owens Finally Gets In The Hall Of Fame
Jun 30Offseason News Actually Finally Happens!
Jul 3LeBron Makes His Next Decision
Jul 5Christian Hackenberg Proves He Can Throw It
Jul 7The Legion of Boom is Now The Legion Of Gloom
Jul 10The Don’t Care Dolphin Retires
Jul 12David Tepper Takes Care Of The Jerry Richardson Statue
Jul 14Well That Got Dark
Jul 17Jason Witten Plays Stadiums and Touchdowns
Jul 19Le’Veon Bell’s Contract Talks Brilliantly Mirror His Playstyle
Jul 24Here’s A Picture Of Roger Goodell
Jul 26Dez Bryant Wants To Play For The Right Team
Jul 28Saquon Barkley’s Favorite Classic Rock Album
Jul 31Sammy Watkins Gets A Haircut
Aug 2Earl Thomas Gets Traded
Aug 4Andy Reid Throws Major Shade On Alex Smith
Aug 7Training Camp vs Reality – Guest Comic by Leon Häfner
Aug 9Mount “Rush” More – Guest Comic by James Campbell
Aug 11Forget TO, Lets Talk The Better HoF Receiver – Guest Comic by Chase Bradley
Aug 14The New NFL Helmet Rule Is Strictly Enforced
Aug 16Derrius Guice Goes To Injured Reserve
Aug 18Christian Hackenberg Gets His Shot In Philly
Aug 21Troy Polamalu Tries To Get Into Steelers Practice
Aug 23Adrian Peterson Joins the Redskins
Aug 25Patrick Mahomes Throws A Nice Touchdown
Aug 28Brock Osweiler Is Born
Aug 30Andy Dalton Fans Get Ready For The Season
Sep 1Mychal Kendricks Gives Some Insider Tips
Sep 4Happy Labor Day
Sep 6Welcome Back Our One True Love
Sep 8The Money Fleet Arrives To Moneyform The Moon
Sep 11Hue Jackson Fulfills His Promise
Sep 13Matty Patty Is Here To teach You About Life!
Sep 15The Ravens Unleash the Flacco Special
Sep 17Dave’s Computer Goes On Injured Reserve
Sep 18Vontae Davis Ends His NFL Career
Sep 19A Bad Week For NFL Kickers
Sep 20Josh Gordon Meets Bill Belichick
Sep 21Deshaun Watson Makes A Play
Sep 24The Browns Change Their Mascot
Sep 25Jon Gruden Celebrates A Great Win
Sep 26Stop Throwing Flags That Require You To Defy Physics You Buttholes
Sep 27The Mighty Titans And Jags Rivalry
Sep 28The Death Of The Beautiful Jimmy Garoppolo
Oct 1The Patriots Are Elite Until Further Notice
Oct 3Getting Freaky With Chicago Strippers
Oct 5A Bills Fan Visits The Fair
Oct 8The Dolphins Are Frauds
Oct 10Who Gets Into The Cool Kickers Club This Week?
Oct 12Jason Garrett Watches The Film
Oct 15Was Ben McAdoo Right All Along?
Oct 17Marcus Mariota Gets Some Protection
Oct 19Bills Fans Get Some Nathan PetermINTs
Oct 22The Chargers Are The Best Team No One Cares About
Oct 24The Cardinals Fire Mike McCoy
Oct 26Swag Kelly Gets Arrested
Oct 29Nothing In The Draft Is Ever Certain
Oct 31The Horror Returns For 2018
Nov 2The Bills Introduce Their New Mascot
Nov 5Hue Jackson Is Finally Fired
Nov 7Michael Thomas Receives a Phone Call
Nov 9Aaron Rodgers And His Agents
Nov 12The Uprights Have A Hard Day At Work
Nov 14Dez Bryant Joins The New Orleans Saints
Nov 16Matt Barkley? MATT BARKLEY?!?! MATT BARKLEY!!!
Nov 19Alex Smith Honors Joe Theismann
Nov 20Keenan Allen Shares His Thoughts On The Broncos
Nov 21The Irresistible Allure Of Watching Sports Injuries
Nov 22Happy Thanksgiving From Pat Mahomes
Nov 26The Jaguars Super Bowl Window
Nov 27Adrian Peterson Is An Idiot
Nov 30The Packers Begin To Unravel
Dec 3Show Me The Worst Football Game of 2018
Dec 5Andy Reid Makes The Hunt Situation Clear
Dec 7Kelvin Benjamin Gets Cut
Dec 10Who Wants To Lose The AFC East?
Dec 12The Panthers Vs Back to Back Winning Seasons
Dec 14The Miracle In Miami
Dec 17He Khalil Macc and He Attacc
Dec 19Jared Goff Has A Secret
Dec 24Jon Gruden Makes The Necessary Move
Dec 28Eric Reid Opens His Stocking
Dec 31The Browns And The Steelers In 2018


Jan 4The 2018 Bandwagon Guide
Jan 7The Uprights Go Back To Work
Jan 9Who Really Blocked Cody Parkey’s Field Goal?
Jan 11The Walrus Studies The Film
Jan 14The NFC East Has Quite A Weekend
Jan 16Dak Prescott Gets A Big Ol’ Hug
Jan 18How To Get An NFL Coaching Job Interview
Jan 21The Refs Do The Bird Box Challenge
Jan 23Why Do The Saints Suffer So Much Playoff Heartbreak
Jan 25Why Do They Call It The Pro Bowl Anyway?
Jan 28Patrick Mahomes Has A History Of No-Look Passes
Jan 30The Patriots Have Ruined The Fun In Football
Feb 1The Greatest Puppy Bowl Moments
Feb 4The Logo Super Bowl 53 Deserves
Feb 6Leave Some For The Rest Of Us
Feb 8The NFL Writers Really Messed Up That Ending
Feb 11The Alliance Of American Football Is Actually Just Like Regular Football
Feb 13Sean Payton Learns The Cold, Hard Truth
Feb 15Bojohn Elway Wakes Up With Regrets
Feb 20Bill Belichick Goes On Vacation – Guest Comic by Jason
Feb 22Antonio Brown Stars In – Escape From Alcatr…Pittsburgh – Guest Comic By Scott
Feb 25Robert Kraft Finds The New Underdog Angle
Feb 27Antonio Brown Finds A New Way To Get Headlines
Mar 1The Cardinals Fall Victim To The Sports Media Trap
Mar 4Jason Witten Receives An Award For His Year Of Excellence
Mar 6The Hard Hitting Combine Questions Strike Back
Mar 8Landon Collins Heads To The Free Agency Pub
Mar 11This Week On Days Of Our Steelers
Mar 13I Scream
Mar 14Dave Makes A Comic About OBJ
Mar 15The Bengals Make A Big Splash For Bobby Hart
Mar 18Ryan Tannehill Is Going To Breakout This Time We Swear
Mar 20Cole Beasley Fits Just Right In Buffalo
Mar 22Antonio Brown Meets Newest Raider Vontaze Burfict
Mar 25Cam Newton’s Questionable Training Plan For March
Mar 27Gronk Officially Decides To End It All
Mar 29Adam Schefter Goes For The Cardinals Scoop
Apr 1David Gettleman Gives Us The Truth
Apr 3The Alliance Of American Football Encounters Money Problems
Apr 5The Jets Get New College Uniforms
Apr 8The Jaguars Get A Big Addition
Apr 10Sports News Content Manages To Get Even Worse
Apr 12Aaron Rodgers Responds To The Slander
Apr 15Antonio Brown Keeps His Emotions Off The Internet
Apr 17Jay Cutler Sucks
Apr 19The Tampa Bay Lighting Meet Their End
Apr 22Almost There
Apr 26I Miss Jerry Reese
May 1Josh Rosen Gets The Bad News
May 3So Maybe Tyreek Hill Didn’t Come As Far As We Thought
May 6The Draft Weirdos Are Back In Their Cages For Another Year
May 8Kirby Sucks Nick Foles
May 10Jameis Winston Begins To Grow Up
May 13Denver Sports Fans Have A Tough Weekend
May 15JPP Is A Very Unsafe Person
May 17Rest In Peace Pancho Billa
May 20GRRM goes to finish A Song of Ice and Fire
May 22Reuben Foster Takes His First Steps As A Skin
May 24Chris Long Did Some Weed
Jun 3Richie Incognito Joins The Oakland Raiders
Jun 5The 2019 Cleveland Browns Coaching Staff!
Jun 7The NFC North Plays Beer Pong
Jun 10Kawaii Leonard
Jun 12Todd Gurley Gets Desperate
Jun 14The Boston Bruins Bust Out The Big Gun
Jun 17Hard Knocks Claims Its Newest Victim
Jun 19Eli Manning Watches A Scary Movie
Jun 21Josh McCown Reflects On His Long Career
Jun 24The Money Elites Welcome Big Members Into The Fold
Jun 25Mutiny Mounts On The Moon Money Base
Jun 26Russell Wilson Shoots His Money Wad
Jun 27Alex Smith Winds His Way Back From Mars
Jun 28Joe Flacco Lives To Money Fight Another Day
Jul 1There Is No News So Here Is A Desert Picture I Made
Jul 3Russell Wilson And Kyler Murray Ride A Roller Coaster
Jul 5Rest In Peace, Jared Lorenzen
Jul 8Everyone Important Goes To New York Or Los Angeles
Jul 10Saquon Barkley Deals With Bullies
Jul 12The Texans Fire Their GM
Jul 15Draft Cards Week!
Jul 22It’s Time To Place Your Bets To Guess Who Dies
Jul 26Mark Sanchez Joins ESPN
Jul 29Corey Coleman Goes To Injured Reserve
Jul 31The Many Angry Exes Of David Gettleman
Aug 2The Brief And Unsatisfying Taste Of Preseason Is Back
Aug 5The Perils Of Having A Dumpster Fire Team
Aug 7Rex Ryan Watches A Horror Movie
Aug 9Robert Quinn Gets A Terrible Suspension
Aug 12Duke Johnson Brings Up Some Negative Vibes
Aug 14Two Robbers Get A Big Surprise
Aug 16Weekend At Andrew’s
Aug 19Quinnen Williams Has A Way With Words
Aug 21The Raiders Get Buyers Remorse
Aug 23Bears Fans Meet The Trigger Spider
Aug 26The Actual End Of Andrew Luck
Aug 28Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray Get Lost In The Jungle
Aug 30Dave Finds An Old Pair Of Socks
Sep 2The Texans Activate GM Bot
Sep 5And After Six Months, He Rose Again
Sep 6The Diary Of Antonio Brown
Sep 9Antonio Brown’s True Motives Take Shape
Sep 10The Dolphins Are Not Tanking
Sep 11The Browns Unleash The Storm
Sep 13Nick Foles Goes To Injured Reserve
Sep 16Rest In Peace Cam Newton’s Career
Sep 18The Final Fate Of The Killer Bees
Sep 20Drew Brees Goes To Injured Reserve
Sep 21Carson Wentz Finds The Open Man – Guest Comic By Tommy M.
Sep 23Adding Insult To Injury
Sep 25The Passing Of The Torch
Sep 30Bills Fans Get Married
Oct 2Vontaze Burfict Tries Out Other Sports
Oct 4Dwayne Haskins Wants To Know The Plan
Oct 7The NFL Kitty Cat League
Oct 9Jay Gruden Becomes A Free Man
Oct 11This Week In Incredibly Stupid NFL Drama – Handshake Gate
Oct 14Pope Francis Tweets His Support
Oct 16Another Post About How Bad The NFL’s Officiating Crisis Is
Oct 18Zeus Forever Banishes The Titans
Oct 21Saturn Devouring His Football Son
Oct 23Can Mitch Trubisky Save The World?
Oct 28The Birds Of The NFL
Oct 30Matt Nagy Meets IT
Oct 31Happy Halloween!
Nov 4Adam Gase Gets The Jets Job
Nov 6The Slow Inevitable Decay Of The Browns 2019 Hype
Nov 8Sam Darnold Gets Ghost Help
Nov 11Sam Darnold Sucks Daniel Jones
Nov 13The Worst Ad Campaign Of The 2019 Season
Nov 15Daniel Jones And His Incredible Grip
Nov 18Myles Garrett Feels Phil Collins In The Air
Nov 20Little Nelson Doesn’t Get His Shots
Nov 22The Long And Storied Career Of MetLife Cat
Nov 25The Sun Sets On The 2004 Quarterback Class
Dec 2The Losers Club Has Karaoke Night
Dec 4Riverboat Ron Gambles His Future
Dec 9Gardner Doesn’t Go Soft – Guest Comic by Tommaso M.
Dec 11Boo Hoo The Pats Got Ref’d – Guest Comic By Jordan
Dec 13The Patriots Get Some Much Needed Film Footage
Dec 16Have You Ever Considered….The Titans?
Dec 18The Frozen Price Of Buffalo Fandom
Dec 20Tom Coughlin Gets The Boot
Dec 23Santa Receives A Child’s Wish
Dec 30The Patriots Don’t Have The Week Off This Year


Jan 1Nobody Wanted To Win The NFC East
Jan 6Derrick Henry Crushes The Evil
Jan 8Josh McCown Gets Some Playoff Action
Jan 10I Have Seen The Face Of God
Jan 11Mike McCarthy Signs The Blood Oath
Jan 13Earl Thomas Makes His Bold Prediction
Jan 15The Chiefs Make A Comeback For The Ages
Jan 17Joe Burrow’s Celebration Hits A Snag
Jan 20Matt LaFleur Gives The Packers A Halftime Pep Talk
Jan 22Mike Vrabel Makes The Ultimate Promise
Jan 24Thank You, Eli
Jan 27Superstitious Chiefs Fans Make The Ultimate Sacrifice
Jan 29The Media Is Thirsty
Jan 31PUPPY BOWL 2020
Feb 5Andy Reid Gets His Celebratory Meal
Feb 7Prepare To Remember A Lot Of Guys
Feb 10Cool It On The Dynasty Talk
Feb 12Philip Rivers Moves On
Feb 14Josh McDaniels Goes Job Hunting
Feb 17Bill O’Buttchin Plays Subterfuge
Feb 19Mason Rudolph And Myles Garrett Continue The Fight
Feb 21Astros Fans Start To Corncob Themselves
Feb 24So Many QB Options For Chicago
Feb 26Greg Robinson Gets Busted
Feb 28Joe Burrow’s Big Weakness
Mar 2The Eli Manning Hall of Fame Debate
Mar 4Rich Eisen Should Do More Combine Exercises
Mar 6Can’t Go Ten Minutes Without More Tom Brady
Mar 9Aaron Rodgers Needs To Paint His House
Mar 11How We Got The Rams New Logo
Mar 13The Draw Play Is Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19
Mar 17What If The NFL Logos Got Quarantined?
Mar 18Seriously What The Hell, Bill
Mar 20Tom Brady Becomes A Buccaneer
Mar 23Philip Rivers Can’t Social Distance
Mar 27The Chicago Bears Get A Bit Bigger
Mar 30The Greatest Social Distancers Of All Time
Apr 1Should Roger Goodell Cancel The Draft?
Apr 3The True Reason Why The World Is On Fire
Apr 6The Smash Roster As A Football Team
Apr 8The Bucs “New” Uniforms
Apr 10The Falcons Get New Uniforms With Old Gimmicks
Apr 13The Rise Of The Money Phoenix
Apr 15The XFL Goes Bankrupt
Apr 17The Browns Walk It Back
Apr 20Roger Goodell Does The NFL Draft
Apr 24The 2020 NFL Draft Cards get Quarantined!
Apr 27Aaron Rodgers Watches The NFL Draft
Apr 29Brady And Gronk United Once More
May 1Jameis Winston Gets LASIK Surgery
May 4The Chargers Get Good Duds
May 6Portrait Of A Sports Fan During Corona
May 8Earl Thomas And His Very Normal Scandal
May 11The Don’t Care Bear Gets A Divorce
May 13Josh McDaniels Was The Hero All Along
May 15The Rams New Uniforms Are Monkey Shit
May 18DeAndre Baker Gets Bail
May 20Roger Goodell Finds A Way To Make Football COVID Safe
May 22The Invention of The Draw Play
May 27Eli Manning Joins Twitter
May 29Devin Hester’s Super Bowl Return
Jun 1The NFL Makes A Statement
Jun 8Drew Brees Doesn’t Quite Read The Room
Jun 10Jake Fromm Joins The Saying Dumb Things Brigade
Jun 12A Quality Replacement For The Jerry Richardson Statue
Jun 15David Carr Joins The New Houston Texans
Jun 17The 4 Major Sports And Their Covid Plans
Jun 19Quick CoronaBreak
Jun 22Aldrick Rosas Goes For A Nice Drive
Jun 24The Buccaneers Covid-19 Response
Jun 26The 49ers Get A New Endorsement
Jun 29Joe Theismann Meets His End
Jul 1The Savage Speeders Get Wrecked
Jul 3Cam Newton Joins The Evil Empire, Just As Predicted
Jul 6Dan Snyder Starts To Feel The Pressure
Jul 8DeSean Jackson Fills This Week’s Yikes Quota
Jul 10The Money Gods Meet Their Match
Jul 13The NFL Totally Gets How Corona Works
Jul 15The Washington Team Formerly Known As [REDACTED]
Jul 17Dan Snyder’s Airtight Defense Of His Toxic Workplace
Jul 20The NFL Wasted 4 Months Of Planning
Jul 22Antonio Brown Calls It Quits
Jul 24The Years Of Training Pay Off
Jul 27Jets And Giants Fans And The Eternal Fight
Jul 29We Shall Not Speak Of The Washington Team
Aug 3The Kraken Awakens
Aug 5The NFL’s Opt Out Option
Aug 7Taking a Medical Break
Aug 27Earl Thomas Applies For Unemployment
Sep 2Gardner Minshew Wants To Party
Sep 7Weird Hill To Die On But At Least You’re Dead
Sep 10Odell Beckham Goes To The Zoo
Sep 11Football in 2020
Sep 14Taking Comfort In The Things We Understand
Sep 16Nobody Wants Josh Rosen
Sep 18A Name That Will Never Be Forgotten
Sep 23Injured Reserve Prepares For The Week 2 Crowd
Sep 25Tyrod Taylor Goes To The Doctor
Sep 28CARTOON PICKS week 3 edition – Goddammit why did they tie
Sep 30And We Finally Have Our First Outbreak
Oct 2The Falcons Build A Lead
Oct 5CARTOON PICKS WEEK 4 – Probably A Super Spreader Event
Oct 7Are The Browns Good?
Oct 9Bill O’Brien Gets Let Go
Oct 12CARTOON PICKS WEEK 5 – Dak died
Oct 16Some Fans Just Want To Watch The Team Burn
Oct 19CARTOON PIX WEEK SIX – The Jets Stand Alone Among Poop Mountain
Oct 21Attack By Titan
Oct 23Yannick Ngakoue Gets Traded…Again
Oct 26CARTOON PICKS WEEK 7- Yay The Patriots Are Genuinely Shit Now
Oct 28The 2020 Choke Off Winner
Oct 30Happy Halloween!
Nov 2CARTOON PICKS WEEK 8 – Fuck the Raiders
Nov 6The NFC East Being Trash Is Good, Actually
Nov 9CARTOON PICKS WEEK 9 – The Steelers Almost Get Trapped
Nov 11Vote For The Issues
Nov 13The Seahawks Versus Early East Coast Games
Nov 16CARTOON PICKS WEEK 10 – Texans Fans In Shambles
Nov 18NFL On Fox Makes QBs Buff
Nov 20Justin Herbert Gets A Haircut
Nov 23CARTOON PICKS WEEK 11 – Fuck The Vikings
Nov 25Tom Brady Wont Shake Hands Because He Is A Giant Baby
Nov 27The Sunday Routine Of The Bengals Fan
Nov 30CARTOON PICS WEEK 12 – If we don’t look directly at it, maybe Covid will go away
Dec 2Matty Patty Was The Bad Guy
Dec 4Subway Finds A New Slant
Dec 9Let Russ Cook
Dec 14CARTOON PICKS WEEK 14 – Atlanta Wins The Choke Bowl
Dec 16Lamar Jackson Goes For 2
Dec 18Carson Wentz Fans Get The Hard Truth
Dec 23We Are Free
Dec 28CARTOON PICKS WEEK 16 – NFC East Still Wide Open
Dec 30Dwayne Haskins Is Not A Team Player


Jan 4CARTOON PICKS WEEK 17: And We Bid Adieu To The Losers
Jan 6The Eagles Tank The Game
Jan 8The 2020 Playoffs Chaos Bandwagon Guide
Jan 13Dougie P Gets Fired
Jan 15The NFL On Different Channels
Jan 18DIVISIONAL WEEKEND PICS – Lamar shit the bed, but it didn’t help this time
Jan 20Cal McNair Speaks To Jesus
Jan 22Dan Campbell, Leader Of Men
Jan 23Chad Henne Makes His Case
Jan 25CARTOON PICS CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION: Fine, Brady’s the best, I surrender
Jan 27The Packers Decade of Failure
Jan 29The Mess That Is The Houston Texans
Feb 1Too Much Mustard by Rob Press: Getting Andy back
Feb 3Jared Goff Gets Dumped
Feb 5PUPPY BOWL 2021
Feb 8Tom Brady Is Eternal And Shall Devour Us All
Feb 10Patrick Mahomes And His Failed Heroics
Feb 12Tom Brady Finally Lets Loose
Feb 22Doug Pederson And Carson Wentz Walk Into The Sunset
Feb 24Cam Newton Meets His Old Nemesis
Feb 26No 2021 Combine
Mar 1Where Will JJ Watt End Up?
Mar 3JJ And Nuk Celebrate Their Freedom
Mar 5The Annual Cycle Of NFL Draft Coverage
Mar 8A Jaguars Fan Makes Some Art
Mar 10Baker Slays The Browns Hydra
Mar 12Trapped In The Spyder Web
Mar 15Shaq Lawson Doesn’t Want To Be A Texan
Mar 17The Steelers Will Always Find A New Star
Mar 19Bears Fans Get The News
Mar 29When Your Favorite Players Go Wrong
Mar 31The Spark Is Gone For Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo
Apr 2Happy Friday
Apr 5Jeff Fisher Says Goodbye To The 16 Game Season
Apr 7The Darnold Debate
Apr 9The Perils Of Being A Social Media Account Manager
Apr 12You Don’t Have To Be Right To Be A Good Draft Analyst
Apr 14JuJu Smith-Schuster Returns To Pittsburgh
Apr 16Julian Edelman Tries to get in The Hall of Fame
Apr 19Have You Been Punched By Aaron Donald?
Apr 26The Bengals New Uniforms
May 3Send The Drafties Back Into Their Hole
May 5Aaron Rodgers Repeats The Cycle
May 7The Bizarre Phenomenon Of Lamar Jackson Hate
May 10The Weight Of Tua’s Expectations
May 12Tim Tebow Is Back?
May 14Groundhog Game
May 17Kelvin Benjamin’s Big Position
May 19Terrell Owens Excessive Celebration
May 21Clipboard Jesus Saves
May 24Are The Falcons Going To Trade Julio Jones
May 26The Eternal Optimism Of Training Camp
May 28Adam Vinatieri Finally Hangs Up His Cleats
May 31Why Do So Many Baseball Fans Hate Fun
Jun 2The Texans New Slogan
Jun 4Just In Case You Forgot The NFL Is Evil, They Use Race Science
Jun 7Kyle Pitts Learns The Truth Of Being A Falcon
Jun 9Dan Orlovsky Through The Years
Jun 11Sam Darnold Gets His Vax Facts
Jun 13See You Next Week Unless Rodgers Gets Traded
Jun 21Why Can’t We Film Lamar Jackson Throwing? Oh Right
Jun 23Carl Nassib Comes Out
Jun 25The Cowboys Last Success Turns 25
Jun 28Do We Actually Need Press Conferences?
Jun 30Earth Sends A Hot Take
Jul 2Baseball Gunk
Jul 5Dan Snyder Survives Again
Jul 7The Sex Boat Scandal
Jul 9Ringless Rivers Retires
Jul 12Trevor and Gardner Have A Pants Off – Guest Comic by Tommaso
Jul 13Tony Dungy’s Dull Vibes
Jul 16The Fresh Prince Of Helaire
Jul 19Randy Moss Does A Disgusting Act
Jul 21Cole Beasley Logs On
Jul 23Manning Night Football
Jul 26Adam Schefter Knows His HIPAA Violations
Jul 28The Power of a Deacon Jones Headslap
Jul 30Rodgers Gets His Demands
Aug 2RIP To All The Jokes We Never Really Got To Make
Aug 4The Colts And Their QB Problems
Aug 6One Giant Brawl
Aug 11Megatron’s Hall of Fame Speech
Aug 13The NFL Institutes Taunting Rules
Aug 16Preseason Will Never Be Worth Your Investment
Aug 18Justin Fields Gives A Cocky Quote
Aug 20Urban Meyer Does What’s Necessary
Aug 23I Don’t Really Have A Good Title For This
Aug 25Mike Zimmer Tries A New Tactic
Aug 27No Goalpost Is Safe
Aug 30Temporary Travel/Maintenance Hiatus
Sep 9Welcome Back, Comfort Zone
Sep 13CARTOON BETS WEEK 1 – The Vikings are off to their usual start
Sep 15The Baltim-IR Ravens
Sep 17The Curse Of Fedex Field
Sep 20CARTOON BETS WEEK 2 – Never Kick For Minnesota
Sep 22Hope Is For Fools
Sep 24Does Anyone Actually Like These Taunting Flags
Sep 29The ESPN2 Manningcast Is Art
Oct 1The Football Gods Hate Detroit
Oct 4NFL CARTOONS WEEK 4 – The Giants AND Jets won? That’s Illegal
Oct 6Aaron Rodgers Tries To Act
Oct 8What Are The Bears Doing
Oct 11CARTOON BETS WEEK 5 – The Chargers Are Real And It Scares Me
Oct 13The Jon Gruden News Gets Out
Oct 15FOX Loves To Make You Watch
Oct 18CARTOON BETS WEEK 6 – Miami’s Vice
Oct 20The 2021 Miami Dolphins
Oct 22Sean Taylor Day Was Just The Latest Incident In A Long Line Of Shamelessness
Oct 25CARTOON PICS WEEK 7 – My Brain Cannot Accept The Bengals Being This Good
Oct 27Just Stop Watching, Texans Fans
Oct 29Happy Halloween
Nov 3Les Snead Doesn’t Give A Fuck
Nov 5Aaron Rodgers Gets Found Out
Nov 8CARTOON PICS WEEK 9 – The Manningcast Curse Is Real
Nov 10Odell Beckham Did Not Save The Browns
Nov 12I Am Begging The NFL To Cast The Taunting Rule Into The Fires Of Mount Doom
Nov 15CARTOON PICKS WEEK 10 – Nobody Wants To Win The AFC
Nov 17Superman Returns
Nov 19The Lions Get A Tie
Nov 22Had A Migraine Yesterday, Couldn’t Draw, Here’s A Fat Squirrel I Saw Instead
Nov 23CARTOON BETS WEEK 11: The Bills Made Us Really Think They’d Do Something
Nov 26Clap Off
Nov 29CARTOON PICKS WEEK 12 – The Steelers Must Finish 8-8-1
Dec 1My Rooting Tier List
Dec 3Seattle Stopped Cooking
Dec 8Antonio Clown’s Very Real Vaccine Card
Dec 10The Detroit Lions Win A Game
Dec 13CARTOON PICS WEEK 14 – No Kaiju For You
Dec 15Demaryius Thomas Takes It Home
Dec 17Urban Meyer: The Worst Head Coach Hire Ever?
Dec 20WEEK 15 PICKS! Merry Coronamas
Dec 27CARTOON PICKS WEEK 16: The Chargers Gift To Their Fans Was A Dickpunch


Jan 3WEEK 17 CARTOONS: All My Former Players Say I’m A Great Coach, Trust Me
Jan 5The Great Resignation Of Antonio Clown
Jan 7RIP John Madden
Jan 10CARTOON PICKS Week 18: It’s done, it’s finally over
Jan 12The Indianapolis Dolts
Jan 14The 2021 Playoffs Chaos Bandwagon Guide
Jan 19Mike McCarthy Blows It
Jan 21It’s Been A While
Jan 26A Decade Of Packers Playoff Pain, Addendum
Jan 28Sean Payton Peaces Out
Feb 2Move Over Mahomes, There’s A New Hotness In Town
Feb 4The Washington Commanders
Feb 7Tom Beats Father Time
Feb 9The NFL’s Systemic Racism Problem
Feb 11Are You Rooting For The Underdogs?
Feb 16Matthew Stafford Made It
Feb 18The Bengals Bad Luck Charm
Feb 21Lets Check In On The Cardinals, Just For Funsies
Feb 23The Defense Snob
Feb 25Odell Beckham Sr. Was Right
Feb 28Taking A Week Break, For Me
Mar 7Kenny Pickett’s Hands Are Perfectly Fine Okay
Mar 9The Calvin Ridley Suspension
Mar 11Rodgers Gets His Thunder Stolen
Mar 14He Lasted 2 Months
Mar 16The Carson Wentz Scam
Mar 18The AFC West Arms Race
Mar 21The Browns Faustian Bargain
Mar 23The Saints Settle For The Other Rapist
Mar 25Matt Ryan Goes To Indiana
Mar 28Why Haven’t The 49ers Traded Jimmy Yet
Mar 30Troy and Buck go to Monday Night Football
Apr 1The NFL’s Overtime Problem
Apr 4The End Of Coach K
Apr 6Case Cookus
Apr 13The Deep Compassion Of Adam Schefter
Apr 15The End Of The Money Line
Apr 18The USFL Didn’t Announce Itself Very Well
Apr 20Every First Round Pick
Apr 22A Draft Boy Invents Time Travel
Apr 29NFL DRAFT 2022
May 2Did Your Team Nail The Draft?
May 4Kayvon Sends Goodell To Hell
May 6Kenny Pittett
May 9The Lifecycle Of A Bandwagoner
May 11A McFlurry Of McCoaches
May 13Normal Comics
May 16Tom Brady Joins Fox Sports Eventually
May 27The Next Racist Announcer Honeypot
May 30The Fog Bowl
Jun 1The Saints Give It All For Ricky Williams
Jun 3The Vikings Miss The Pick
Jun 6Fitzmagic Retires
Jun 8Farewell To The Greatest Eagle Of All Time
Jun 10Baker Watches The Browns Burn
Jun 13Mile High Mart
Jun 15Because Of Course It Is
Jun 17The Real Villains
Jun 20The 1999 Jaguars Cursed Achilles Heel
Jun 22Watson Starts To Cover It Up
Jun 24Gronk’s Final Mission
Jun 27Scott Norwood Was Right
Jun 28Bills Sadness Week – Scott Norwood Finds A Genie
Jun 29Bills Sadness Week – The Bills Meet The NFC East
Jun 30Bills Sadness Week – Don Beebe’s Heroic Save
Jul 1A Fandom Forged In Pain
Jul 6Still Nothing
Jul 8The Drawplay Curse
Jul 13Zach Wilson Gets Some Action
Jul 15Heinz Field Is No More
Jul 18The River City Relay
Jul 20Finally, The NFL Let Teams Be Cool
Jul 22Kyler Murray Achieves His Dreams
Jul 27Kyler Murray Gets Homework
Jul 29Julio Joins The Bucs
Aug 1Dan Snyder Sucks Example #38465
Aug 3Oh Hey, The NFL Blew It Again
Aug 5The Dolphins Do Some Tampering
Aug 10Happy 10 Years, Sorta
Aug 12Training Camp Fight Season Is Back
Aug 17Embrace The Void
Aug 19The NFL Finally Does Something Meaningful
Aug 24Reaping The Benefits Of Hindsight
Sep 2Aaron Donald Has Some Issues
Sep 5Posting Some Cringe
Sep 14Doom In Dallas
Sep 16The Bears At Soggy Field
Sep 21The Colts Achilles Heel
Sep 23Justin Herbert Has Some Chest Pain
Oct 3CARTOON BETS WEEK 4 – It’s Just A Back Injury
Oct 5Tua Tweaks His Back
Oct 7The Lions Dichotomy
Oct 10CARTOON PICKS WEEK 5 – Russ Is Cooked
Oct 12Loving The Passer
Oct 14Matt Rhule Enjoys Unemployment
Oct 19Game Of Owners
Oct 21The Worm Is Cast Out
Oct 26Matt Ryan Gets Benched
Oct 28The Patriots QB Conundrum
Nov 2Check Your Halloween Candy for the 2022 Raiders
Nov 4Lets Take A Quick Peek At the 2021 QBs
Nov 9What The Hell Is Going On In Indianapolis
Nov 11Patrick Mahomes Scores Fast
Nov 15CARTOON PICS WEEK 10 – Introducing The Chaometer
Nov 16The Best New Catch
Nov 18Josh McDaniels Broke Derek Carr
Nov 21CARTOON BETS WEEK 11 – Classic Albums Week
Nov 23Zach Wilson Says The Wrong Thing
Nov 30Russ Puts In The Effort
Dec 2This Better Not Awaken Anything In Me
Dec 7At “Home” With Baker Mayfield
Dec 8Everything Evens Out
Dec 14Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Old
Dec 16The NFCW Isn’t Safe
Dec 21The Only One Who Saw It Coming
Dec 23Poo Your Job


Jan 2CARTOON PICS WEEK 17 – Nothing As Funny as OSU’s kick
Jan 4For Damar
Jan 6Taylor Heinicke States His Case
Jan 9WEEK 18 CARTOON BETS! – Lovie Gives No Fucks
Jan 11Have It Your Way, Mr Bond
Jan 18Tom Brady Came Back For This
Jan 20The Jaguars Steal The Vikings Mojo
Jan 23DIVISIONAL WEEK CARTOON BETS – The Bills Were The Biggest Frauds Of All
Jan 25The Bengals DGAF
Jan 27Be Careful What You Wish For
Jan 30CHAMPIONSHIP PICS – Get Dressed, You Are Now Playing QB For The 49ers
Feb 1The 49ers Get Desperate
Feb 3Make Sure This Time Sticks
Feb 6Eli Wins Best Son
Feb 8The Jets Fix The Offense
Feb 10The Puppy League Gets Worse
Feb 14A Giant Super Bowl Subterfuge
Feb 20At Least Give Me A Breather, Spring Football
Feb 22Rodgers Goes Dark
Feb 24Jonathan Gannon Changes Jobs
Feb 27I Don’t Even Know What To Title This
Mar 1Wentz Gets Cut
Mar 3Tom Brady Does Standup
Mar 6Will Levis Gets A Coffee
Mar 8The Player’s Union Report Cards
Mar 10So You’ve Overpaid Your QB
Mar 13Tua Welcomes Jalen Ramsey to Miami
Mar 15Laugh At Me, A Fool
Mar 17Aaron Rodgers Exposes It All
Mar 20Quick Rest
Mar 22Lamar Jackson’s Problem
Mar 24Is Spring Football Just Destined To Fail?
Mar 27The Dangers Of Paying Runningbacks
Mar 29Lamar’s Favorite Genre
Apr 1The Origin Of Deadlifts
Apr 6What It Feels Like To Read NFL Coverage In April
Apr 10The Bortles Effect
Apr 14It’s Actually Happening
Apr 21The Cardinals Modernize The Boring
May 1The Philadelphia Bulldogs
May 3Rodgers Practices With His New Team
May 5Worth A Shot
May 8The Bruins Join The Pain
May 10NFL Piracy
May 12Primetime Is Going To Get Worse
May 15The Renegades Win It All
May 17A Bears Fan Gets Mugged
May 19Lamar Gets Paid
May 26JJ Watt In Retirement
May 29Tommy Joins The Raiders…But Not That Way
May 31Jimmy Garoppolo Gets His Physical
Jun 2George RR Martin Reveals His Long Awaited Book
Jun 5Thirst Trap Trevor
Jun 7The NFL’s New Rising Problem
Jun 9Korok Friends
Jun 12The Panthers New Backfield
Jun 14Sometimes Evil Pays Off
Jun 16Antonio Brown, Brain Genius
Jun 19What Is A Catch These Days
Jun 21Super Bowl Rings Need To Chill Out
Jun 23Got Dat Dawg In Him
Jun 28The Music City Miracle
Jun 30The Lowest Bar To Clear
Jul 3Dicking Around
Jul 7Dan Marino’s Swan Song
Jul 12The Piss Boys
Jul 19A Review Of Quarterback
Jul 21Indiana Nights
Jul 25Josh Harris Finds Out What He Bought
Jul 26The Final Spyder’s Web
Jul 27Dan Snyder Rides Into The Sunset
Jul 28So Who Takes The Crown?
Aug 2Training Camp Blues
Aug 4Sean Payton Tells The Truth
Aug 7Jim Irsay Loves Lolita
Aug 9Saquon Saves A Child From Hell
Aug 11My Favorite Line
Aug 16The Blind Side 2: This Party’s Oher
Aug 18Preseason Wins Mean Nothing
Aug 21Thirsty Trevors
Aug 23The History Of Helmets
Aug 25The Trey Lance Shaped Elephant In the Room
Aug 28The Different Flavors of Draft Bust
Aug 30The Cardinals Are Tanking
Sep 1Doug Pederson Cuts His Peder-Son
Sep 13Rodgers Heals Up
Sep 15The Murphy’s Law Game
Sep 18What Happens When You Finish A Picture Before The Game Ends
Sep 19WEEK 2 CHAOS REPORT: The Cardinals Had Us In The First Half, Not Gonna Lie
Sep 20RIP Nick Chubb’s Knee
Sep 22How To Cook The Perfect Bust
Sep 26WEEK 3 CHAOS REPORT: What if you scored 20 points but still lost by 50
Sep 2770 Fucking Points
Sep 29The Swifties Descend Upon Us
Oct 2WEEK 4 PICS – Toy Borey
Oct 3WEEK 4 CHAOS REPORT: Oh Shit, CJ Stroud Is Legit
Oct 4The Tush Push
Oct 11WEEK 5 CHAOS REPORT: Nobody Beats The Bears 15 Times In A Row
Oct 16WEEK 6 CARTOONS – Okay, Let Me Explain
Oct 18Tuanon
Oct 20Al Michaels Calling Porn Play By Play
Oct 24WEEK 7 CHAOS REPORT: Bills Are Frauds
Oct 25The Decline Of Offensive Lines
Oct 27Is Brock Purdy Good?
Oct 30HALLOWEEK PICS: We still don’t know if Brock Purdy Is Good
Oct 31WEEK 8 CHAOS REPORT: What An Actual Flu Game Looks Like
Nov 1Happy Halloween
Nov 3It is hard to draw when you can’t look at screens
Nov 7CHAOS REPORT WEEK 9: Backup Baller Energy
Nov 8Josh McDaniels’ New Gig
Nov 10Kirk Cousins Heals Up
Nov 13WEEK 10 CARTOON PICS: Destruction of Property
Nov 14CHAOS REPORT WEEK 10: Dobbs Is Fitzmagic 2.0
Nov 15Justice For Matt Patricia?
Nov 17Sideline Reporter Lies
Nov 21CHAOS REPORT WEEK 11: Broncos Be Creepin
Nov 22Blame Canada
Nov 27WEEK 12 PICS: Thankful For My Terrible Choices
Nov 28WEEK 12 CHAOS REPORT: Thanksgiving Hates The Jets
Nov 29The Life Of Chargers Fans
Dec 1A Lot Of Words About Why I don’t Root For Tanking
Dec 4WEEK 13 CARTOON PICS: Welcome to the Browns Hydra, Joe Flacco
Dec 5WEEK 13 CHAOS REPORT: Where Did You Go, Chaos Eye Joe
Dec 6The Tepper Graveyard
Dec 8Trevor Stops By Injured Reserve
Dec 12WEEK 14 CHAOS REPORT: A Toe-ny Not Even A Rex Ryan Could Love
Dec 13The Chiefs Get Called Out
Dec 15The Existential Destruction Of Brandon Staley
Dec 18Week 15 Cartoon Pics: BAKA *punches you into the stratosphere*
Dec 19WEEK 15 CHAOS REPORT: Blew The Wad Early
Dec 22The Passtronaut Takes Off
Dec 25Week 16 Cartoon Pics: Tis the Season
Dec 26WEEK 16 CHAOS REPORT: Merry Christmas, Brock Purdy Haters


Jan 3Fraud Eagles Fraud
Jan 5The Zebras Run Amok
Jan 8WEEK 18 CHAOS REPORT: Is That Really How Belichick Goes Out?
Jan 10Arthur Smith Gets Shamed
Jan 17Stafford Finally Gets The Lions A Playoff Win
Jan 19The Cowboys Vs The Playoffs
Jan 24Packers Playoff Pain Part 3
Jan 26Wider Right
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Feb 5P Man and E Man
Feb 7Those Guys
Feb 9PUPPY BOWL 2024
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Feb 19Coping With Loss
Feb 21Congratulations to the 2024 Hall of Fame Class
Feb 23Lets Check On The Bears
Feb 26Belichick’s End Part 1
Feb 28Why Belichick Didn’t Get Hired
Mar 1The Future Of Billy B
Mar 4Smokescreen Season Is Back
Mar 6Tyler Owens Makes A New Friend
Mar 8Well That Was A Mistake
Mar 11McCorkle Goes To Jacksonville
Mar 13Russ The Steeler
Mar 15How To React To Free Agency
Mar 18Fields For Peanuts
Mar 20See You In 3 Weeks
Apr 10The Coolest Football Fan In Japan
Apr 12Rating The Prospects Based On Vibes
Apr 15The Next Evolution Of Annoying Guy
Apr 17Fallout Football
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May 1The Draft Pick Nobody Expected
May 3Introducing: The Testicle Index
May 7The Jets New Look: The Old Look
May 8The Lions Make A Perfect Panthers Uniform
May 9The Broncos Get Bumpy
May 10Houston Gets Interesting
May 15The Ship of Tomtheus
May 17Dumb Alternate Uniforms Are Good
May 20The NFL Loves Women