And there goes my favorite person to draw from the 2015 season. Goodnight sweet prince. May you fart in press conferences wherever your own wind takes you.

I feel bad for Jimmy Toms. Tums-ula (Tums for all his perpetual heartburn). Jimmy In Too Deep. Tommy Sula. Carl from Aqua Teen hunger force was in way over his head this year and it’s hard to blame him for the 49ers failures this season. Did anyone have real, genuine faith that a guy who looks like his favorite pair of pants is a gross old ripped grey thing he wears on weekends? If so, please give me your soul because your outlook on life is wonderful.

Tomsula never stood a chance. He was a poor pawn in a rich manbaby’s game. He didn’t belong in the head coaching job and I think everyone including himself knew that. His interviews were bad. He looked like a perpetual deer in the headlights on the sidelines. I think he went something like 2-10 on challenges. But we can’t blame him. Tomsula never looked comfortable and always looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on the sidelines during those games. I hope he gets another job in the NFL somewhere after this. He was a good d-line coach. He belongs as one of those color guys who can slip into the background and be ignored when the cameras point in his team’s direction.

His whole hiring feels like a drawn out sitcom episode. Jimmy plays the deadbeat dad who gets nagged by his wife Linda at home and pestered by his two kids. Then one day at work his boss gets fired by the clueless CEO and suddenly looks at Tomsula. The CEO calls him Jimmy Boy and likes the cut of his jib because he thinks everything Tomsula says is funny. Tomsula is just trying to escape but the CEO just keeps laughing harder, so he promotes Jimmy to coach for no valid reason and other people in the office get mad. Jimmy goes to work happy to be the man with the paycheck but realizes he’s in way over his head and has a comedy scene of trying to keep order on the sidelines. At one point he looks into the press box and sees the CEO, who gives him a smile and thumbs up, oblivious to the failures. Then when Jimmy thinks he might be okay, all of it goes wrong and he loses his job, but learns a very special lesson about family, then farts. Credits. The sitcom will be called “Getting By” and it will have a super good slap bass theme.