Please Read First: I am a busy man. The Draw Play is done basically in my free time as a hobby. I have a day job, a wife, and a life. I’m willing and happy to do commissions for people, but my time is already pretty limited, so there is a decent chance I may simply not be able to get to your request in a timely manner or even see it in the first place. 

If you do still wish to commission/ask a question/just send a message, here is the information you need to know:

1. Always send me an email if you are requesting work.
2. You can send me a DM on social media, but the only site I check on a regular basis is twitter, so do not rely on me to see it.
3. Contact me well ahead of any deadline. Even for cute minor pictures. As stated, my free time is limited and sporadic, and if you contact me hoping for a picture by Friday, chances are I won’t have the time.
4. Be at least reasonably professional in your request. I’ve done work for folks for a long time and I’ve been burned enough times that if you aren’t going to at least show me some basic respect upon request I’m just going to trash the email because in my experience, the chances of you wasting my time are high. My standards for respectful aren’t actually that high, but you’d be surprised how few people meet them. Here is a handy guide:


20$ per hour of work.

Art is labor. Depending on the level of effort you are searching for, most pieces tend to range between 20-200$. If you are looking for a mild picture for a twitter avatar or just something for giggles, it’ll likely be closer to 20$. If you are looking for a significant piece, like a wedding gift or an official brand logo, it’ll require multiple drafts and communication and will result in the piece likely being $100 or more.

If you ask me to work for exposure I will delete your email and block you, and possibly publicly shame you