NOTE: Life has gotten a little more complicated and I have significantly less time for commissions in my schedule. I pretty much have no time to do them anymore. You can still email me, but I’ll be honest: the chances I can make them are slim to none. 

I get a lot of questions about commissions and such through twitter and facebook, so I figured I should make a page detailing things. Yes, I do them. Lets set the basics up.

1. Email me first. Not over twitter, not over facebook, email.
2. Have an idea of the quality of picture you want (See below for details)
3. GIVE ME A DEADLINE, even if it’s just a general tentative one. I need to put it on my calendar.
4. hugs and kisses


Commissions are paid work. Art takes time, and I only have so much of it. With the comic and my job I have only a certain amount of free time to do pictures, so I need to charge for it. However, depending on the quality and type of picture, rates vary.

Small avatars and such for fantasy football or twitter, an even 5 bucks and I’ll punch it out for you.

For simple, dumb pictures like this, I would charge 5-10 dollars. These are very easy and never take me more than an hour.

They look like grown ups!

$5-$10. This was 10.


For more detailed pictures, and usually ones at higher resolution, It averages to about 20-30 flat. This is an example of something in that range:


purple jesus2


For the biggest and most detailed, I go into a rate of 20 an hour.  A full blown, poster size image takes a while to complete (upwards of a week. not all at once, but during free time). Something like this, which was commissioned (and the full size version is much bigger, poster quality) , took me about 7 hours. So roughly 140.  Unless this is a professional job and the Client is okay with it, I won’t go over $200 because it shouldn’t take me 10 total hours to finish. If it is a professional job, we’ll discuss more personal situations via email or whatnot.




I do not do exclusively football commissions, so you can request anything of me. I frequently get asked to do logos and such for people. If you’d like something done for you, email me at, or via facebook message/twitter direct messaging. The facebook site is here: and my twitter handle is @DrawPlayDave.


A lot of people ask for drawings of themselves so they can use it for twitter, facebook, or just to have. My flat rate for a caricature image is $20 dollars. This gets you an 8×10 image of good quality. When you email me or request it, please send me a picture of yourself that you would like to see in cartoon form. The higher resolution you can offer, the better. For an example, here is one I made for Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) on twitter:

gain, shoot me an email about it first: