About the comic

The Draw Play is a labor of love by a nerdy football fan who needs something to do during the offseason. There is no running storyline, just some recurring jokes. The entire NFL and anyone associated with it is considered fodder, and I try my best to mock every team, even though some teams are just boring and others are rich with material.  It’s just a comic that mocks football, because it loves football.

All players/ real life people “portrayed” in the comic are meant to be fictitious versions, and not as accurate representations of the individual. The same goes for the teams portrayed. The comic is meant to be funny. If a comic makes fun of your favorite player, or team, or city, it’s not meant seriously, so relax, it’s all in jest. Don’t take football so seriously. I sure don’t.

About the Author

Self Portrait again

Dave is a lifelong Giants fan from the Baltimore area. The son of a Giants fan and jaded Baltimore Colts fan, he was indoctrinated as a fan of the G-men well before the Ravens came to town. He hates literally every other sports team from New York. He considers himself a Football fan first and foremost however, and tries his best to not let personal team biases sneak into the comic, unless it’s for a little self parody. He doesn’t always succeed, but he tries.

He went to College at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and earned a degree in Film/Animation. He currently spends most of his time making sports art for the internet, and is most known for his NFL logo humorous redesigns. His work has been featured on ESPN’s NFL Live, Deadspin, CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC sports, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, US News and World report, CNN, The NY Post, Buzzfeed, Campus Insiders and various other publications too numerous to name. He has done work for Sports on Earth, The Guardian, Mandatory.com, Bleacher Report, Draftpedia, and The Classical. He has also been published in UC Quarterly.

And just so people stop assuming that I’m automatically a fan of all New York teams, here are my allegiances
-NY Giants (inherited fandom from NY father)
-Baltimore Orioles (grew up in Bmore suburbs)
-Portland Trail Blazers (Live in PDX, didn’t care about basketball before moving here)
-Seattle Krakken – PNW living
-Don’t like soccer enough to care