For this season, to shake things up a little, I decided to do something different with my draft cards. Instead of doing my usual technique of pre-drawing everyone and tweeting them out as they get picked, I went with a new tactic: LIVE DRAWINGS.

A lot of people think I draw them live as it happens anyway, so I embraced it. The result was…sloppy, but way more goofy fun. All of the names are jokes, so you won’t find finesse here, but it was an entertaining way to spend the draft. next year I’ll try something new, but for now, enjoy what my stream of consciousness looks like.

1-MylesGarrett 2-MitchTrubes 3-SolomonThomas 4-Fournette 5-CoreyDavis 6-JamalAdams 7-mikewilliams 8-ChristianMcCaffrey 9-JohnRoss 10-PatMahomes 11-Lattimore 12-DesaunWatson 13-HaasonReddick 14-Burnett 15-CptHooker 16-MarlonHumphrey 17-JAllen 18-AdoreeJackson 19-OJHoward 20-Bolles 21-Davis 22-Harris 23-Engrams 24-Gareon COnley 25-Peppers 26-TickyTackMac 27-LSUDude 28-Taco 29-DavidBooty 30-jjWatt2 31-Rueben 32-Ramzack
Space reserved for Jake Butt