It kind of feels like Jimmy Garoppolo’s fate as a 49er was sealed the instant he botched that late 4th quarter throw in the Super Bowl that would have won the game. Before that, he was an interesting prospect. A guy who sat behind Tom never getting much playtime but Belichick seemed enamored with him and defended him constantly. He was intriguing enough to get Patriots fans to even call for him at certain points when Tom wasn’t playing at his usual goat levels. Patriots fans are not known for having a good sense of perspective.

When he was traded to San Francisco we were all excited to see what he could do. What he could do was manage a game long enough to get hurt. But he could still be good! In 2019, he was! He wasn’t great, but he didn’t need to be. The 49ers were the best team in football in 2019 and only lost at the end because one of their weak points was QB. There are a lot of good arguments to be made that you don’t need a truly elite top 5 QB to win a super bowl. For 3 quarters, that game was proof of it. Then it became proof of the opposite when Mahomes finally broke it open and Jimmy choked.

Then he spent most of the 2020 season nursing more injuries. This past weekend the 49ers decided to trade up for the Dolphins #3 pick. This has been widely understood to be a move for a quarterback. While Trevor Lawrence will obviously be gone, the 49ers will be able to pick whoever the Jets do not, meaning the 49ers will probably end up with the better QB overall because the 49ers aren’t a trash fire of a team and are built to win right now with a good offensive mind at the helm. I’m sorry Jets, you might even make Justin Fields/Zach Wilson a good franchise guy, but it won’t be immediately. Too many problems on that squad.

As of right now, the chatter seems to be the Jets are taking Zach Wilson, who has supplanted Fields as the expected #2. In more surprising chatter, the 49ers are believed to be targeting Mac Jones and not Fields. I wouldn’t trust any of this chatter. We are in that part of the draft cycle where nobody has any consensus on QB prospects and people constantly fall in love with darkhorses. Sometimes those rumors end up lasting till the draft and someone like Mitch Trubisky or Blake Bortles goes far too high, but most of the time they don’t. I am not going to put any stock in 49er QB speculation until the week before the draft when the optics level out. Would be funny if it was Mac Jones though, 49ers fans haven’t been thrilled with that rumor so far.

What’s this mean for Jimmy? He didn’t go anywhere this offseason as many people expected him to. I saw rumors of him going to multiple teams. Will he ride the bench for the new guy? Will he “mentor” the new guy (read: fight to keep his job and try to save face if he rides the bench). Will he activate the competitor gene that exists in players like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and turn into a top 5 guy purely fueled by spite? That might be fun.

But if he does that, he’ll just command a bigger haul for some team (Chicago) in 2022. The honeymoon of Jimmy in the bay is over. Sometimes you know before it’s official. Maybe he can go on The Bachelor.