Last year when Marcus Williams went low I made a note on how 3 of the biggest playoff moments of the past decade have come at the expense of the Saints. Well…make it 4 moments of extreme heartbreak. The Saints bargained with the devil to get a Super Bowl and have paid the iron price.

Most playoff losses are harsh and you could probably stick the Packers up here too in terms of playoff heartbreaks. But outside the Brandon Bostick flub, none of those games have really entered NFL Lore like these Saints games. Beastquake is a miracle, the best run in playoff history. The Catch 3 was a capstone to an already instant classic (Though I think Alex Smith’s run sticks with people more). The Minneapolis Miracle is the only thing Vikings fans have in playoff history to smile about. Now, against all odds, we have what I assume will be called “The No-Call Game” or something similar. The missed call has even overshadowed the goddamn 57 yard bomb of a kick that won it.

People are gonna argue about this one for a long time. Rams fans are happy to point out that they too suffered a lot of missed calls (they did, to be fair) but that won’t make the egregious miss here feel better or end up being the moment that keeps this game in popular consciousness.

I doubt Vikings fans or Falcons fans feel too bad about it though.