This comic was made by Draw Play alternate Sam Greszes. David Rappoccio was initially selected as the author for the Pro Bowl comic, but declined the invitation. Sam Greszes receives authorship duty as alternate artist. Official statement from David Rappoccio:

It is always an honor to be selected to draw the Pro Bowl, but unfortunately I must decline the invitation. It is wonderful to be recognized by my peers as deserving of drawing the pro bowl. The Pro Bowl falls during an inconvenient time for me, and I am unable to attend. I have other business to attend to this weekend, like doing my laundry. I wish nothing but the best for the nobody who replaces me.

-Draw Play Dave

Sam Greszes is actually 3rd alternate, replacing Spilly, who has also declined the invitation to draw the Pro Bowl. Official Statement from Spilly:

When I heard I was selected to draw the Pro Bowl, the first thing that came to mind was “lol fuck off”. I stand by my statement.