The Bears will never have a QB, will they?

After weeks of speculation that they might trade for Russell Wilson, those plans either fell through or never existed in the first place and now the Bears are going to be saddled with Andy Dalton. The Red Rifle news has not been very welcome. Not really because Dalton isn’t that bad (he’s arguably still an upgrade over Foles and Trubisky) but because he just represents another year of failure to capitalize. The problem is that Dalton is obviously not the answer, and will never be the answer. He’s just another stop gap until the Bears finally clean house and fire everyone. Get that money, Andy, these will not be fun years. Maybe embrace the “fuck it who cares” mentality of Ryan Fitzpatrick and just go balls to the wall no matter what because honestly what do you have to lose?

Speaking of Fitz, he signed with TEAM, so he’ll end up on the Spyder Web soon and he should actually be a ton of fun throwing to the likes of Curtis Samuel and Scary Terry.

HEADS UP, I have some extra things I need time to work on, so don’t expect any updates next week.