Looks like the Bears are in freefall mode. On Sunday in Foxboro the Patriots laid 38 points on them in the first half alone, a Chicago franchise record. Seriously, since 1920, that had never happened. For the first time in their history, it feels like the defense is the problem. You’d never know it looking at fan reactions. CUTLER SUCKS, CUTLER LOST, THE OFFENSE IS BROKEN.

While the Offense seems to be having some issues and isn’t firing on all cylinders, and Cutler is far from perfect,  how can anyone look at a team that had 51 points dropped on them and blame the offense? The defense is astoundingly bad. I think Bears fans are just blaming the O because they’ve never had to blame the defense before. Ever. It’s always been the offense that sucked. Now the world is topsy turvy, cats are living with dogs, mass hysteria.

But Cutler don’t care. Here, have a thing I made for Kissing Suzy Kolber on the Bears.