Adrian Peterson is back on the Vikings after a long, weird standoff. I guess he realized the Vikings had all of the leverage after all.

I’m torn on him personally. What he did was absolutely awful and he doesn’t seem to realize quite how terrible it was. But as bad as it was, he grew up in a household and culture that favors this kind of action and what he believes is part of a systemic problem. He did a bad thing and doesn’t think it was bad because it was always the way of things. It’s depressing and I feel sorry for him as much as I despise what he did. I also don’t blame him entirely for demanding money. I’m usually on the side of the players when it comes to contract demands because the NFL treats players terribly, but he did seem like he was holding the team hostage with no gun instead of sucking it up and realizing he wasn’t the golden child anymore.

I hope he’s learned from his errors, because watching Peterson play was always a pleasure and if anyone can break the traditional trend of 30 year old RBs falling off a cliff he can. Dude runs with purpose.