First off, I want to say I’m really glad Cam is going to be fine. I never would have drawn this one otherwise.

Once we found out he’s more or less okay it was like a giant signal to crack jokes. “Oh look, Cam Newton can’t finish a drive without turnovers”. “oh look, Cam Newton plays for a car wreck, now he got in one for real”. I love and I hate the internet. I’m glad Cam is okay. I hope he sits for the rest of the season, even being in contention for the South at 4 wins shouldn’t be enough to get Newton back out there. He’s already been playing hurt and the team is headed for a coaching change, and nobody expects the winner of the NFC South to do anything in the playoffs anyway, so just let Derek Anderson rip it deep to Benjamin and enjoy the fireworks with no expectations.

I wasn’t going to be able to give it a terribly unique spin as I think plenty of people said the Saints had “upped their bounty system”, so I just figured I’d bring back my old favorite Sean and his drunk “Lennie”, Rob Ryan, because Draw Play Sean Payton is just crazy enough to run into a QB’s car after he already played him twice.