This past week has reminded me of several old comics of mine, namely this one about Brian Hoyer and Browns QBs, and after Thursday’s Cardinals/Rams game, this comic about Kurt Warner (Poor Cardinals. One of the best seasons they have ever had and they are going to limp into the playoffs with all that potential floating away in the wind). When I made the Hoyer one it was merely two weeks before he tore his ACL and Jason Campbell came in, but now Hoyer isn’t on the bench due to injury, he’s on the bench because he’s been playing like crap. It’s Johnny Football time, baby.

My article for KSK  yesterday touched on this but I’m still not quite sure what the whole money gesture is about. I’m not sure exactly what it means. Is it “give me all the money?” or “I’m money” like how some rappers call themselves a noun that doesn’t actually make sense? The point is I’m not hip or with it and to me it always kind of looked like that hand motion you make when you’ve got a booger stuck to your finger and you’ve got nothing nearby to wipe it on so you try to flick it off and it just wont go and goddamnit it just flew off and stuck to your pants why god why now I got a booger on my pants I hope no one saw that happen.

Don’t even pretend you are better than me and can’t relate to that scenario. The sooner you admit it to yourself the faster we can move on. There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who have picked their nose, and liars who say they haven’t. If the universe didn’t want it to happen we wouldn’t have fingers perfectly sized for it.

Anyway I’m excited to see the debut of Starter Johnny Football. He came in for two drives against the Bills, one of which was a glorious moment of Johnny Football action at it’s best, with Manziel running amok and firing lasers across his body and then scoring a TD on a run. The second drive was peak bad Johnny, getting his ass kicked and fumbling. I don’t have a lot of hope for the Browns final few games, including this one. Starting a new QB right at the end on the cusp of being eliminated from playoff contention feels like Pettine knows how low his chances are and is going with the “fuck it, let’s see what we got with this kid” option. This season may end in disappointment but it’s hard to look at the Browns this year and not be excited for the future. If Johnny pans out, they’ve got something good for years to come. We all scoffed at Chud getting canned after one season, but Pettine has done twice what Chud ever accomplished in the same amount of time. The Browns have life, my friends.

I’d say that about the Cards, too. I remember when Bruce Arians was on the Steelers and Steelers fans kept wanting him gone because everyone hates their OC. Now he’s pretty much dragged the Cardinals to two incredible seasons in a row and they should get Palmer back next year. If they can keep steady at QB and suffer fewer injuries, the Cards are going to compete for a while.