As a recipient of another team that completely crapped itself when it should have won this week, my heart went out to Chiefs fans on Thursday night. That sucked. I was rooting heavily for KC (because I like KC, and because I picked them in my weekly picks for Uproxx). It was one of those games where you see something happen and you have to sit there struggling to process it for about 5 minutes before you realize it actually, genuinely happened. I actually could not believe that final fumble happened until the Chiefs got the ball back for another drive. It just…wow. I’m so sorry KC.

I think I might have underestimated Denver’s defense this year. They look really solid. I know they’ve gone against Marc Trestman’s Ravens and Alex Smith so far but still, that is a stout D. Peyton Manning not so much. Dude has no velocity left and it’s sad. It feels like we are watching the end of his career this season. He had a few good throws but he mostly looked terrible and the Chiefs dropped at least 3 intercept-able balls. He doesn’t look like Peyton Manning anymore. He’s a pale imitation.

However if the Chiefs can find a QB who can and wants to throw the ball beyond 10 yards they’d be a stellar team.