Football commercials are the worst, especially since we get subjected to the damn things at high volume every week, by the end of each season almost every ad campaign we’ve been subjected to has become almost intolerable. Until this year I never thought anything would top Saved By Zeeeeerrrooooooooooooo. I still remember sitting with my friends in college frantically switching the channels every time those ads came on. I skipped most of preseason and have only watched 1 full week of football, and it’s already been surpassed. I don’t know how I’m going to tolerate a full season of this, and I already avoid commercials as much as possible to begin with.

Fanduel and Draftkings are the goddamn worst things ever. The commercials are dry and long and awful and oh my god they are everywhere. It’s been 1 week and if I have to watch those damn bros from draft kings pretend to be real people and “win” on camera again…well I don’t know what I can reasonably do but dear god they are SO BAD. It’s not even about the fantasy football aspect for me, I’ve never been bothered by fantasy commercials, they are just awful commercials  played with obnoxious frequency. The worst part is I bet it’s working for the companies too, because people are dumb, and this just means we’ll get more commercials oh my god kill me.