Maybe one day Andrew Luck won’t look like the missing link, and I hope that day never comes.

Every time I go to watch a game now, I get 3 commercials every commercial break (so 50 times per half).

Russell Wilson being a goober for American Family Insurance (Because of course he would)
Peyton Manning singing about Chicken Parm (And also pizza)
Aaron Rodgers in even more increasingly bizarre ads that no longer resemble anything about his original TD celebration, for State Farm. Seriously what is up with the state farm stuff. It goes from a joke about his championship belt dance, to Bears fans on a plane, to wacko German weirdos in sweats getting him buff for some reason. State Farm has gone off the rails.

Insurance Salesman used to be one of those professions everyone scorned, insurance companies have gotten smart and are using QBs to do the selling now. Savages, the lot of them.

There was also a USAA military insurance commercial with a bunch of football people this season, I think it was RG3, Ron Rivera and some old QB, maybe Bart Starr I can’t remember. It was boring and I forgot it already. Thankfully Geico isn’t running those terrible Brian Orakpo all pro linebacker commercials anymore, but since it’s Geico it’s still awful. Geico deserves a lifetime achievement award for taking every good idea they have and running it into the ground like a meteor. Even the damn pig from the “Wee wee wee all the way home” commercial is now in his own thing, for goodness sakes Geico just stop it. Stop it. I like your new Camel Hump Day commercial, I can’t wait to see you ruin it in the next month. The only good ad campaign this season has been Types of Rob Lowe, Direct TV struck gold with that campaign. I want to see a whole sitcom of different Rob Lowes.