The Redskins have been confirmed to have traded a King’s Ransom in draft picks to the Rams, who are slated to draft second. This all but confirms the Skins are drafting Robert Griffin the 3rd. The ransom? They swap first round picks this year, and the Rams get the Skins firsts next year, and the year after as well, AND a second round pick this year. so 3 firsts and a second. This means that RG3 better work for the Skins, and the Rams have a good chance of becoming a playoff team in the next few years unless they completely fail at drafting.

Shortly after the trade was announced, The skins and cowboys were hit with a Salary Cap punishment for misbehaving during the uncapped year two years ago. The cowboys are docked 10 million in Salary cap, the Skins a whopping 36 million. They can spread that hit over two years. It seems a tad unfair for the league to do this, as nothing the Boys and Skins did that year was technically illegal, but it’s also two teams I hate with greedy owners, so hahahahahahahahahahahaha.