Trap Gamenoun 
When a good team that is expected to succeed overlooks a bad team and the bad team upsets them. Will result in many, many tears.

Ah the Rams. Glorious spoilers that you are. Nobody paid much attention to the Rams/Broncos game since no one expected the Rams to defeat Peyton Manning, but there you go, classic Trap Game, one week after the Jets trapped the Steelers. Trap games are the best when you are the trap, and the worst when you are the good team. Playing spoiler and getting the spoiled fans of the good team angry is always a satisfying thing, so the Rams have to feel good about themselves today, even if the Broncos walk away as the still better team. Hell, if the Rams could ever find a franchize QB they might finally use all these weapons the Redskins gave them for RG3 and be a force in the west. The Seahawks are not the team of 2013 and the problems won’t fix themselves soon (Especially since Marshawn looks to be gone soon), the 49ers seem to be heading towards a transition phase with the Harbaugh mess, and the Cardinals…who knows what to expect out of them, though they have a good coach and things look good for their future.

Anyway, I have other news.


I will be travelling to my parents home in Maryland for two weeks to spend the holiday with my family. Because my main computer is a desktop, I will be unable to produce typical comics in that time frame as I am not flying that home with me, but I will STILL BE PRODUCING WORK. Regular DP updates will resume the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

I will be on a plane by the time you are reading this post. Obviously this is a bummer, but rest assured it does not mean the DP will go on a complete hiatus for that time. I will have an old laptop with me during the time frame. However, because it’s old and creaky, it doesn’t handle photoshop with very high efficiency and I don’t think I’ll be able to produce a typical full color high quality comic on the thing. However, those of you who follow my social media accounts know that I occasionally make “quickie” comics that are very simple. I hope to be able to at least produce these, and plenty of them, while I am away. I do not know if I will be posting them here on the front page, I have to get home and see what happens, but rest assured I’ll keep you informed. I will however still post these works, plus my usual nonsense to my twitter and facebook pages, and probably some fun on my instagram, so if you don’t follow me on those yet, I highly suggest you do. I post a lot of quick silly jokes & sketches and such on those accounts that don’t end up on this site. The links to those accounts can be found on the right sidebar.

I will also still be contributing my usual output to KissingSuzyKolber. In case you didn’t realize I wrote for them, The link to my profile and articles is right here! I’ve done a lot of good work for KSK and it functions as a place I can make jokes in different forms than my usual comic. If you haven’t read my stuff there, I contribute a few times a week and most of that artwork doesn’t make it to this site either.

Obviously, if anyone has a commission due from me, don’t expect it in the next two weeks. You don’t want artwork produced on a crappy old laptop anyway. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will have lots of free time when I come back, so December should be a productive month as this is my trip home, I am not going anywhere for Christmas.

Also, and this is optional of course, but if anyone would like to make a Guest Comic during these two weeks, I’d be happy to take it and post it. If you’d like to submit one, please try and keep my highly vertical format (My final comics are usually 800px wide 72 res. That’s obviously lower res than how I draw them, but that’s the size that goes live so try to keep things to that template). I don’t care if it’s stick figures, all that I request is that it’s readable and not too off color. I will not post anything too profane or something that doesn’t fit the general goofy vibe of TDP close enough. Send your comics (or any questions) to

Again, I’m sorry things will be weird for a bit, but I’ll hopefully still be around making work, we just won’t have regular full color full production comics.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you so much for reading.