So for a little while now, maybe a year at least that I’ve seen, there has been a rumor that Aaron Rodgers might be gay. It’s a dumb rumor that has never been taken very seriously, but some suspicion remains. I think it started because Rodgers is an Elite QB who is also handsome and until recently was single, which seemed like quite the rarity. There were also some pictures of him always hanging out with this one dude. It also took a long time for the relationship between him and Olivia Munn to become confirmed, and he started dating her not too long after the gay rumors began, so some people joked he’s pretending to date her. This joke is just a natural extension of that. I doubt he’s gay. It’s a dumb rumor, founded in nonsense, never serious, but it’s always been kind of a funny rumor, partly because it’s stupid. Rodgers is probably just a private guy.

Won’t stop me from cracking jokes though. A man has to have standards, or lack thereof.