This past week featured the latest in a long line of inspired wins. A team/player coming back to win for that person who is dead/dying/ugly. This week it was Andrew Luck leading the Colts to victory over the still struggling Packers for Coach Chuck Pagano, who was just diagnosed with cancer and is in the hospital (Get well soon, Chuck).

This, while morbid, seems to work as a tactic. Torrey Smith went Bonkers on the Patriots after learning about his brother’s death. The Raiders somehow beat the Texans with 10 men on the field in honor of Al Davis last year. Everyone remembers when Favre’s dad died and he decided to clown the Raiders on MNF. So if this is a viable tactic,┬ámaybe someone should just tell the entire Browns team that they should “win one for the Browns.” That poor down on their luck team in a down on it’s luck city deserves a hero. Browns? Win one for the Browns.

Alternatively, maybe the Bills should consider dedicating their season to the Browns and winning for them. That might save Chan Gailey from getting fired after the worst defensive performance I have ever seen.

EDIT: THIS COMIC TOTALLY WORKED. BROWNS BEAT THE BENGALS. They also fired Mike Holmgren so the comic is officially dated. Thanks, Browns.