Track listing for 1st and PIMP

Intentional pounding
-Slant Pimpin
-Nothin but a TD thang
-My Game is
-F*** tha Back Judge
-Knock you out route
-Boyz N da Pocket
-Bingered Reserve (Feat. Nee Pain)
-Strip Club Sack
-Goin Deep (Feat. Your Mom)
-Total INT of my heart

That was going to be my Thursday comic before Chernoball struck again. Earlier this week LeSean McCoy caused a small controversy by suggesting Chip Kelly is a racist because he got rid of all the talented black players (aka Him and Maclin) and kept Riley Cooper. Obviously this is stupid and McCoy is obviously still salty he got traded. I’ve always hated McCoy for Giants fan reasons but after a few years it became clear that he doesn’t seem like the brightest guy, because this is not the first dumb thing he’s said. ┬áHe’s out of the division and I still don’t want to root for him.