This is still one of the weirdest scandals I have ever seen strike professional sports. It first comes out, we all laugh. Then actual evidence of deflation comes out, and we all overreact about the honor of the sport(myself included). Then it sort of fades away as things start to look like the Pats did nothing wrong and it vanishes as no new evidence comes to light and we all forget because it’s still incredibly stupid. Now, just after the draft (the timing of which does not escape me) we get the Wells report.

The report technically confirms nothing. But it certainly makes it look like Brady had something to do with it. The texts between the two underlings certainly makes it look like Brady demanded the balls be a certain level of deflation. The fact that Brady refused to cooperate and offer his texts/emails and such for investigation certainly makes him look like he’s hiding something. Ultimately the report came to the conclusion that some tampering was going on and Brady likely knew about it. All evidence is circumstantial. For some, it’s enough to condemn the Patriots forever and strip their titles. For most Pats fans, they have no trouble finding excuses to exonerate everything, refusing to even consider that their precious 4 time champion might not actually be Captain America *Gasp*.

Honestly at this point I don’t even care that much anymore. I think he did it. I think ultimately none of it matters. Brady probably cheated, but deflating balls is probably one of the smallest, least consequential ways of cheating I can think of. Yeah, the principle of the thing is bad, but Rodgers already confessed to over-inflating and older QBs have reported preferring certain PSI levels before the rules affected them. I just don’t see it as that big a deal. He didn’t pull a Pete Rose and bet on Football games, or throw games. He didn’t poison other players. He didn’t even spy on practices. He under-inflated a few balls, which might have some positive effects on grip. Something that insignificant probably isn’t going to decide that many games.

We all know how this ends anyway. Brady will get a laughable fine, the amount will be something his wife makes for waking up in the morning. Absolute worst he gets suspended for a game. I was right the very first time this all started, this story is a joke. They aren’t going to vacate any wins or have anything meaningful happen. People who were already convinced the Pats are cheaters get to yell about it some more, and Pats fans get to continue to show people how good they are at mental gymnastics so they can continue to view their team as perfect and special. I’m just tired of balls. Fine Brady and suspend him for a game to set the precedent, and shut up about it. They’re going to win the division next year anyway, we all know it.

However I will thoroughly enjoy calling Brady a cheat just to piss off Pats fans stuck up their own butt. My favorite part of this mess right now are the Patriots fans convinced this was a sting operation or witch hunt to damage the Pats. Get over yourselves. I think the NFL would much, much prefer to not have the controversy surrounding their most recent champion and would rather sweep this under the rug then paint Boston red, come on. I don’t see this as a bountygate, deflated balls aren’t nearly as serious as targeted injury payouts.