Congratulations, Seattle. Welcome to the Winners Circle. Prepare for the hate that is soon to come your way.

Well, maybe we have been spoiled in the past decade with good Super Bowls. Man that game was a let down. I’m sure Seattle fans loved it, and it was funny for a while there (that opening safety caused a literal spit take and I lost it), but by the time Percy scored the kickoff return it stopped being funny and just started getting depressing. To quote someone on my facebook wall, it was like being forced to watch a war crime. Total, complete domination. I haven’t seen a complete defensive shutdown like that since the Bucs creamed the Raiders in ’02. After halftime I barely even cared. The only thing I even remember past that was the amazing case of terrible tackles when Kearse turned a short pass into a 20 yard TD by spinning out of at least 3 hits. Blowouts are cool when you do the blowing out, but as a neutral fan of that game, it just got boring. Stopped being fun. Overall, a fantastic display by Seattle but this game will not go down in history as one of the better Super Bowls.

It was sad to see Manning go down like that. Going into this game, I’ve felt for 3 weeks that whoever won the NFC Championship was going to win the Super Bowl, due to matchup favorability. the 49ers or Hawks would beat Denver or the Pats, they just had the right defense to do it. Looks like my gut was right. I was honestly surprised by the amount of people picking Denver. The matchup totally favored Seattle. Yes, Denver had the best offense in history going for it, but they had a relatively light schedule of defenses all year and by the SB had suffered some major injuries. The Defense was a complete liability and the special teams weren’t as good as they could have been, covered up by Trindon Holiday and Super Manning. Seattle had a defense that looked almost custom made to slow Peyton down, the deciding factor in the game, for me, was if Seattle’s questionable offense could move and score often enough to stay ahead. It looks obvious in retrospect, but I certainly think Seattle should have had the edge going in. But not a blowout. I expected a score with both teams in the 20’s, maybe low 30’s, with Seattle edging. Not this. Not like this. Oh god, Pete, the horse is already dead. Stop beating it. Pete please have mercy oh I can’t watch just take it out behind the shed and finish the job. Denver fans I’m so sorry. But regardless of the end, Denver fans can still take some solace in the season they had. A historic one, and one to be proud of, regardless of the finale. I loved watching the Broncos all season, it was magical.

But the Seahawks have proven to be the best team in the NFL. For the first year in many, it feels like the actual best team won the Super Bowl, and not the “hot” team. While I found a lot of the 12th man stuff kind of ridiculous and irritating, I have to give that city and those fans props. They may have a lot of bandwagon fans who don’t even know who Steve Largent is, or that Seattle used to be AFC, or maybe even Shaun Alexander, but they were loud, they were supportive, and they cared. I think many of us wish our fanbases had that kind of pride in them. But be warned Seattle. You are now going to be hated. You won your ring, people are going to want you to go away now. Ask the Saints about that.

Other random thoughts about the game:

-Wes Welker might be a Super Bowl bad luck charm. Are there any  NFL players who have lost 3 or more Super Bowls on multiple teams?

-Bruno Mars put on a good show, Red Hot Chili Peppers should not have been involved. Mild Chili Peppers at best

-So much for the weather being a thing


-Suck it John Elway

-Super Bowl MVP who? Lets be real, the entire Seattle D, though it was nice to not see it just be the QB for once.

-Russell Wilson should do Dominoes commercials

-Speaking of commercials, a Matrix reference in 2014? Really Kia? Really?

-Two bird teams win SBs in a row. You can do it Cardinals and Falcons, but if you let Philly get one I swear to god

And now our months long nightmare begins. I miss you already football.