I was not expecting two uniform reveals in a row so quickly like that. It was honestly pretty fun because of how differently they both approached the new look. The Bucs went full backpedal into nostalgic comfort and classic, but the Falcons trudged ahead and tried to give us something different. Watching the reactions has been predictable but entertaining.

Here’s where I’m going to go against what most people were saying and admit the horrible truth: they aren’t that bad. In fact I even like them. I don’t love them and I have some gripes that I feel most people would agree with, but overall? I think it’s a pretty solid update and I think people are too eager to bash them.

People hate change and after the Bucs basically went “whelp, back to what we literally had already straight up”, things were even more primed to crap on the Falcons. I disagree with this general desire to just revert to all the classic looks. I love a lot of old uniform designs too, but it’s 2020 and we need to stop living in the past for everything. We can use the past, we can be influenced by the past, but just straight up pining for what you loved as a kid is kind of sad. I think the Falcons did a relatively okay job going back to a previous look while also bringing in some more modern sensibilities.

-I like going solid color for the jersey overall. It hearkens back to these and frankly that’s good. I like the solid black jersey. I like the subtle side stripes. They don’t dominate and stay mostly hidden due to the angle.
-I like that the solid black pants have a stripe on the side. I hate completely solid black pants, they just look like yoga pants. I’m always in favor of stripes.
-I like the home black and white away uniforms, though I would prefer if they did black jersey/white pants for the home combo, because frankly it looks the best.
-I have no problems with the number font. It’s a bit sharp but doesn’t overdo it.
-I like the alternate red gradient jersey. There I said it. I love that it isn’t the main jersey. If it was the main look it would be too much, but as a fun alternate? I love it. I love most of Nike’s experimental alternate uniforms because they allow for such fun ideas without being the main idea. Color rush rules because it is just a fun way to enjoy a single game. The gradient is implemented far better than the Jags helmet was. For a weird alt jersey we will see once a season? I love it. I wish we’d get more weird alternates and I hate the purists who get all bent out of shape because one game features gimmicky looks. Sports are goofy and fun, and being silly once in a while is good, you nincompoops.
The throwback uniform is fire

-Drop shadows on the numbers. Drop shadows reek of clients who don’t understand design saying “make it pop! oooh drops shadows look 3D!” I’ve never seen a drop shadow on a uniform that I thought was better than just an outlined number. Outlines all the way, every day. That said, the drop shadows on this uniform aren’t egregious, but I’d still prefer an outline or nothing.
-Not a fan of the solid color look. I like when jerseys and pants match, but if you are going to match the jersey and the pants, the socks gotta be a different color. This isn’t a huge issue on the black home uniform because it is literally black from head to toe and that’s kinda unique, but it poses a balance problem on the white away look because the helmet is black and then from there it’s white to the toe. Needs black socks to keep the white contained in the middle. Also, I wish more socks had stripes. Sock stripes are good.
-The matte black helmet. I don’t like matte finishes. I like my helmets shiny. Matte just makes the decal look more like a slapped-on sticker.

This combination is straight trash. Black helmet on white, then red pants and socks? garbage balance, too many colors with no central color as the focus, just terrible. Make the jersey red and the pants white with red/black socks and it might be passable.
-The big ATL. I don’t like it. It’s too big, and I wish it just said “Atlanta” instead. Having it be “ATL” feels like some hello fellow kids corporate appropriation of city slang. If saying “The ATL” was ever hip, a major brand using it like this has officially murdered it. But the real problem is size. It ruins the balance of the front. The numbers feel too low, and thanks to that big ATL, my eyes always end up reading the letters first. My eyes should see the number first and foremost at all times. ATL is simply too big. I don’t think they have to completely remove it, but it needs to be downsized and the numbers raised up the front a bit. also make it say Atlanta instead of trying to be too cool for school.
-People who always use the XFL for a cheap dunk comparison on modern jerseys. The XFL uniforms are all very modern and homogenized because they were all designed at exactly the same time, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. I think most of them are fine. The NFL does not have a particular style thanks to years of history and teams updating and changing at different times. There have been a lot of bad uniforms in NFL history, many of them worse than the XFL is. Modern doesn’t equal bad, it just usually means we haven’t had time to adjust to them and make memories with them.

That said if they made every single uniform just a solid color with shoulder stripes in some combo it would be everything I want.

Apparently the Chargers new duds should be here soon too, but I don’t anticipate a big change there. They quietly updated their logo and nobody noticed. Looks like they are just phasing out the dark blue.