I feel like this would make a good plot for The League. I can see Kevin thinking this qualifies him as depressed and getting kicked out by actual depressed people who then feel better shaming him.

It’s that annual time of year when Fantasy Football starts being a thing again and I get grumpy about it. I’ve managed to escape people for months and now they start coming back out of the woodwork to ask me who I drafted and what I think of their team and do you think Odell Beckham is going to do good this year and if he doesn’t you are somehow accountable because you are a Giants fan and oh my god I remember why I stopped playing this in the first place.

FF can still be a fun little game with friends, small stakes, and fun goofy bets. I’m even in a league this season with some former co-writers at KSK and friends! Hell, I actually drafted Jordy Nelson. I didn’t even remember doing that until another member of the league asked me what I was going to do about it. When I saw what happened I just laughed and was more interested in what will become of the Packers now. Rodgers is still amazing and he still has Cobb, but I feel like Nelson was good for like one 70 yard TD catch and run per game and I’m curious to see what happens without that huge threat gone.