One of the worst parts about the Draft/Free Agency time of year is the amount of rumors that show up everywhere. With twitter being so effective at spreading things, fake news and rumors get spread so fast that people start to actually report false news before someone bothers to confirm it. It’s probably my biggest issue with twitter. Sports reporting has gone completely down the drain. Adam Schefter seems reliable, but he tends to wait for confirmation. Others like Mike Florio just spew rumors constantly like it ain’t no thang.

Mel Kiper had a new mock draft within the hour of the Vikings getting the 1st round pick from the Seahawks for Percy Harvin yesterday. Kiper must do so many mock drafts each year that he probably gets every single pick right at some point. I don’t care about his drafts, all I care about is his hair. Fair warning, with the draft approaching, this will likely not be the last Mel Kiper joke.