So uh, this wasn’t the comic that was going to be uploaded today, but after yesterday’s amazing news, I whipped this up as fast as possible. Sorry for the lower quality than normal, I cut quite a few corners to get it out.

It’s not like me to mock college ball but Manti is a big draft prospect and this news that his girlfriend was a hoax is the kind of thing that deserves mention, because it is so amazing oh my god I cannot stop laughing.

I have no idea what is true. We have 4 options:

One, Manti is legitimately a moron and somehow never figured out his girlfriend was fake. He never visited her, despite her being in a car crash and dying of cancer. Your girlfriend is dying? Nah, she probably doesn’t want a visit. If this is true, Manti is a complete idiot.

Two: Manti was in on it. The Deadspin article mentions the two of them meeting. So the girlfriend may have been a ploy. For what reason, I have no idea. if this is the case, Manti is a douche. And also a complete idiot.

Three: Manti is gay? I saw this theory posted and the Deadspin article hinted at it, but some suggest this was him trying to cover up a gay relationship from his mormon parents and the homophobic culture of football and the lie got out of control. If this is true, and I doubt it, then it’s the only way Manti can come out of this looking sympathetic.

Four: ESPN is stupid. Note: This option can be chosen along with the other 3 as a complementary beverage, because it is always true.