So Mike Tomlin stepped out in front on the path of Jacoby Jones during a return, noticeably slowing him down and potentially stopping a TD. Let the debate begin. Oh wait, this happened last Thursday, everyone has already yapped about it. WELL IT’S MY TURN.

Anyway, I’m also glad it didn’t impact the result much, because I don’t think Tomlin did it on purpose (Also the Baltimore uproar after that would have been insufferable). I’ve watched all the angles multiple times and I think he just had a brain fart. Why? Let me list the ways, my lovelies.

1: Tomlin is a pretty stand up guy who never seems to have a bad word said about him. he doesn’t strike me as the game interference type. Now Pete Carroll? yeah, Pete “9/11 was an inside job” Carroll would do that. Jim Schwartz would do that. Tomlin? I don’t see it.

2: The way he flinches to get out of the way is kind of hard to fake, it looks like he legit freaked out when he realized what was going on. When you react like that on pure adrenaline, you kind of twitch more than move, and Tomlin twitched hardcore. Trust me, im a big twitcher myself.

3: His big shit eating grin afterward was a point of contention and proof. But really, I think it was a “I just did something really dumb, i’m a dumbass and can only laugh at myself because of how dumbass I am” grin. I’ve made that same face when I’ve embarrassed myself in public. You just kinda laugh at yourself because it’s all you can do.

4: He is facing the jumbotron practically the whole time, he’s not keeping his eyes on Jacoby’s angle of return.

5: He jumps back and to the left. back and to the left. back and to the left. There was a second Jacoby Jones on the grassy knoll

Edit: For the record though, I think he should still get fined regardless, to remind people to not be stupid. I mean he did interfere.