So close. So close to 0-4 in the playoffs in 4 years. Man, that would have been really, really, really,  funny, especially with how this one was going. But alas, the final choke belonged to Pete Carroll, who now serves as yet another example of why you don’t ice kickers.

Atlanta has won on a last minute field goal about 4 times this year, so this wasn’t actually unprecedented. It’s an ugly way to win games, and it doesn’t inspire much confidence when you almost blow a 20 pt. lead in the 4th quarter, but nonetheless the Falcons have finally won a playoff game under Mike Smith. More importantly, Tony Gonzales finally won a playoff game after 16 years. I have no feelings one way or the other for the Falcons, but seeing Tony G finally get a ring would be wonderful. No one in the playoffs deserves it more. Tony G is the best TE football has ever had.

So instead of being the biggest choke job of the year, Atlanta made sure that title stays with the San Diego Chargers in their meltdown vs. the Broncos.