So they instituted the “No leading with the crown of your helmet” rule. From the backlash, you’d think they outlawed running the ball. Leading with the crown (The top) of the helmet, ramming your head into another man, jamming your neck, not being able to see where you are going…this is what they outlawed. Only in open space, too, between the tackles is still legal.

How was this a bad idea again? Are people this dense? The NFL is facing a major safety crisis right now. Concussions and CTE threaten the very violent nature of the sport. Players currently playing did not have the proper education on CTE, as it is too recent. While the NFL can not really change the culture of the sport by itself, it can set a good example. Making a blatantly unsafe move illegal is a good step. Some would argue it’s not even enough. People are dying and losing their memories because of this game. Why are people mad about this change? Are people that thirsty for blood? Hell, this rule change is one of the first to go against the offense in ages, it’s more than welcome. Offensive players are getting away with hits far more than defensive players. The rule will have some growing pains, as all judgement based rules have, so we will likely have a few bad calls this coming season as players and officials adjust to it. But we will forget about it soon enough. Most of us in our 20’s never saw the Head Slap get outlawed, and to us it being illegal makes perfect sense. The sport didn’t suffer for it, it simply changed. And that’s the key here.

The fact is, the NFL needs to change, to evolve, in order to survive. Especially in the coming wave of safety concerns. People don’t like change. But change is necessary and good, and in the NFL, it’s literally been happening since it’s inception. The NFL we watch now is not the same sport of 20 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 5 years ago. Times and concerns change, and the game evolves with it. This isn’t the first controversial rule change, and it won’t be the last. You’ll get over it. Everyone will get over it. If people couldn’t get over it, the NFL wouldn’t be so popular. Instead of complaining about what this rule might take away, think about what new aspects it could bring. More elusive space dominating players, perhaps. Regardless of what happens, it’s a step forward, quit complaining and get over it. If you want to stop watching the NFL because you think they are “pussifying” it, then stop. Go watch UFC or something. I’ll be in the bar, watching my team, excited for the future possibilities of the sport.