I think it’s hilarious that we were basically strung along for weeks in anticipation of the unveiling of the new Browns logo and after all this time we get a brown facemask, a slightly more saturated orange, and a new Dawg Pound logo which looks like an adorable looney tunes puppy. 

Honestly I wasn’t surprised they didn’t change much. The Browns have such a classic look that despite all of Nike’s bluster about the big changes incoming, I don’t see much changing. The Browns have used the same basic look for their entire history, I can’t see Nike doing much more than small color changes and maybe some slightly new design elements to the uniform. I assume the new orange will be on the uniform, and I assume the brown facemask (which I like) will also be incorporated. I’m guessing the uniform will still be Brown, with orange and white stripes on the shoulders. If Nike does anything fancy it’s going to be done to the pants. Maybe weird stripes or something goofy like the things on the Seahawks pants. I actually think the Browns uniforms will end up good, they have a solid color base to work on, a solid basic design in place, and I doubt a place as proud of their team history as Cleveland is going to allow anything too radical. Unless maybe Haslam has truly lost his mind.

We’ll see the new uniforms on April 14th if the source I read was correct, and I’m actually pretty interested. Nike is hit or miss for me with their changes, and so far I like the Browns minor changes so we’ll see.