Manziel is the new Tebow.

I realize he’s a big deal and an interesting guy, but for heaven sakes, he took the middle seat on an airplane in coach and made national news for it. THAT IS STUPID RIDICULOUS. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Give the guy a little spare room. The worst part is he almost made national news ironically, because sites like SB nation report on how absurd that is that he got attention for taking a seat, then that story gets spread, and it’s a vicious cycle. Someone reports a dumb thing, other sites report on that site reporting the dumb thing, other sites then talk about how people are talking about the dumb thing pointing out how dumb it is, and it becomes a huge story and then you get some lame webcomic author making a dumb comic about then complains in the blogpost, directly contributing to the problem he is complaining about and then things get really meta as he points this out and everyone feels weird and uncomfortable.