So this story didn’t seem widely reported, Daryl Washington of Arizona plead guilty to beating up his baby momma. He’s a horrible person. But thankfully, he’s suspended for a year!

…for weed. Not for choking out his baby momma.

His punishment for the domestic abuse will come, probably in 2015, but how much do you want to bet it’s something like 4 games.

So Daryl is suspended for a year due to weed, Will Hill is suspended for 6 games due to weed, and Josh Gordon is out for the year due to weed. First off, it must be said, these are multiple offenders. None of these players only did it once, and a large amount of blame should absolutely be laid at their feet. This is their job, the NFL can have whatever regulations it wants to and the players must abide by it, and they shouldn’t risk their careers to smoke some pot. How hard can it be to just not smoke it?

But that doesn’t change the fact that it seems odd to see players getting policed so hard on a drug that is well on it’s way to being legal while getting comparatively smaller punishments for doing far worse things. I’m no big proponent of weed. I don’t smoke it, never found it all that special, it’s not for me. I couldn’t be bothered if it gets legalized or not, honestly. In fact I get really annoyed by “weed culture” people. 420 blaze it type people annoy the hell out of me. But the drug itself doesn’t bother me much. It’s well on it’s way to being socially accepted and legalized, the NFL should probably sit down and analyze their weed rules by now. Especially since it is actually used as medication for people in pain and many players might be using it as such. You can keep it illegal, but the restrictions should get eased up on and I shouldn’t see players getting punished harder for weed than they get for DOMESTIC ABUSE. It just feels dumb.