This was intended to be yesterday’s comic. I had it sketched out and line worked since saturday morning. Then the stupid Jets and Giants played and gave us “Rex has a meltdown” and Sanchez getting hurt, and suddenly the idea wasn’t quite as funny. So I tried to rework it, got frustrated, and drew the comic you saw yesterday. But I was already so far along on this one (All it needed was color) that I just said screw it, lets do it anyway as a bonus. And here we are.

Rex Ryan has no chance at keeping his job this year, barring miracle playoffs. Seriously. When a team jettisons their GM but not the coach, it usually means the coach is on a very short leash, because the GM wants to bring in their own guy and they didn’t hire this coach. It happened to Lovie Smith most recently. But really, the Jets should not have kept Ryan around anyway, they really should have burned it all down and started over. Maybe they saw the lack of quality QBs this draft and kept Rex around because QB was the biggest problem and they couldn’t fix it yet, and they plan to jettison Rex when the jets inevitably fail and get a better QB option than Geno Smith (who screams prime bust material to me). Or maybe not. Honestly, I have no idea what the Jets are doing, but it isn’t working. They got Geno and brought in David Garrard to compete with Sanchez, but Garrard went down and Geno isn’t ready. Sanchez is somehow still the best option at QB right now, and he got hurt. The jets didn’t go out and pick up a Shaun Hill, or any other run of the mill backup to compete outside Garrard, and now it looks like they won’t get a chance to. ┬áSo the new GM isn’t that great either so far.

What the hell is going on in New York