Good riddance you scumbag.

Hernandez is guilty, he’s going away for life without parole in a prison 1 mile from Gillette stadium so that for every home Pats game he’s going to be able to hear the roaring crowds cheering for the team he played on, from the fans who have disowned him. That is satisfying. I honestly expected this first trial to end with a not guilty verdict. No murder weapon and a bunch of circumstantial evidence and a lot of people wondering if the prosecutors pushed too hard with the charges. I figured they’d get him on the gun charge and that would be it, but it looks like I was wrong. It seemed like his defense attorneys didn’t build a very good defense (everyone’s making “bluntmaster” jokes). I thought he was guilty, and I’m glad the jury thought so too. He still hasn’t even faced the charges on the double murder, which has stronger evidence. Not like it matters now, not like he’s going anywhere.