The Steelers are playing frighteningly good football right now. The Jets…are not.

Roethlisberger has thrown 12 TDs in two weeks, and looks like an MVP candidate. If he keeps even half that pace up he’s almost a surefire lock. This is a far cry from the team that lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Steelers have found themselves and god help us, no one does football smug quite like Pittsburgh does. When you have Steeler fans rooting for the hated rival Ravens in the Super Bowl over the 49ers just so the 49ers don’t also have the same amount of Super Bowl wins as the Steelers, you know you’ve got a fanbase that is untouchable in terms of not being able to collectively get over itself.

The Jets are the opposite. A fanbase of fans who hate their team, and seemingly for good reason most of the time. The Jets playing very, very bad football right now and may very well be the worst team in the league. Geno looks more like a bust every game. The QB situation is abysmal and Rex Ryan just doesn’t deserve to be a head coach. He belongs as a DC. He should have been fired when the Jets cleaned house two seasons ago. I didn’t blame him as much then, but it’s clear he wasn’t helping really. If he could figure out how to get something competent on offense he could have won two Super Bowls with Sanchez, who I think never stood a chance in that environment. The Jets have major problems and have yet to fix any of them.

this is going to be an ugly game for New York unless a miracle happens.



man if the Jets win I’ll laugh forever