So Foles took a nasty hit against the Texans and uh oh, his collarbone is broken and he’s out 6-8 weeks. AKA pretty much the rest of the regular season. In his place? Sanchez. Mark Sanchez. Mark the Buttfumble Sanchez. He’ll play on Thanksgiving. This gonna be good.

Honestly I don’t think Philly fans should be too worried. Foles hasn’t exactly been great this season and Sanchez is a quality backup, better than his reputation. Sanchez has also never had a good offensive coordinator or good offense to play in, and he might not be great but I think he’ll hold down the fort just fine. I’m personally more interested in Romo’s situation. Romo is a tough cookie who has played through lots of pain before, but if he suffers a bad hit like the one that took him down against Washington then it’s the Brandon Weeden experience for Dallas, and Romo to Weeden is a far bigger gap than Foles – Sanchez.

I want a Sanchez/Weeden thanksgiving game more than anything. Please Jerry, sit Romo. Don’t worry about the Giants, we just lost Prince for the year and look like garbage.

Also Rivers got slapped around by Miami. Something about Miami beats the hell out of Philip Rivers.

Edit: Sometimes I forget the mouseover guys, don’t panic. The site has been acting funny today and I’m lucky the comic even uploaded