Frank Gore is out. I can’t believe he’s gone. I have no love for the Eagles, but even I can respect this man and what he means to this franchise. For one day in March 2015, Frank Gore became the greatest Eagle of all time. No question. Randal Cunningham? Get outta here. Chuck Bednarik? Brain Dawkins? McNabb? Name whoever you want. None of them come close except for maybe Nick Foles’ third leg. You have to respect a legend.

Frank’s had an incredible career. He racked up a lot of yards. A LOT of yards. But he’s an interesting question for the Hall of Fame. I figured he’d be a shoo-in until I looked back at his career a bit closer. He’s got the volume stats, mainly total rushing yards, and the accolades that come with that, but not as many accolades as you might think. Obviously, he never won a ring. Not any real All-pros to speak of, though many pro bowls. He’s not that high on the rushing TD list. He was basically a compiler iron man of sorts. I think it’s enough to get him in and I wouldn’t take issue with him reaching the hall but I also would understand if it takes him a while to do it or if he doesn’t get in at all. He certainly won’t have much RB competition in this era outside Adrian Peterson. Gore might get in on the fact that he could arguably be the last great workhorse back. Frank Gore was reliable for 3-4 yards up the middle for a long, long time. PFR has him right on the cusp of typical HoF runners.

I hope he goes in as the legendary Eagle he is.