It just keeps getting worse. The Browns made the playoffs after years of despair, finally appearing to come out of the long dark tunnel of dysfunction. It would appear that was all just a nefarious ploy, a diabolical ruse, the Browns finding brand new ways to gaslight us as they worked on their masterpiece behind the scenes.

I’m thankful the Watson story hasn’t ended and been swept away once the grand jury did not indict him. This dude is a predator. I’m not sure how anyone can defend him at this point. He was using massage therapists to get off. For me it all comes down to the sheer number of massage therapists he was using. Nobody goes around just sampling professionals like that. Every single person I have ever known has always sought out “the one”. You look for the therapist who suits you. The dentist you trust. The doctor you like. The hairdresser that always cuts it right. It might take a bit of time to find the fit, but that’s the goal. To find the one who best suits you. You don’t see 66 different women in 17 months trying to find the one therapist who unkinks your hamstrings better. You do it because you are taking advantage of them.

Not to mention that he’s confirmed to have had sexual interactions with several, though he claims they were consensual. More details keep coming out, more reporters are getting in on the story, and every single new piece of information is more damning than the last. Fuck DeShaun Watson. He’s a predator. The Texans have now been implicated in helping cover it up, which I doubt surprises anybody but it’s nice to have some confirmation. All of this just makes the Browns look worse and worse. They had a flawed QB who was all-in on the team and threw him out so they could pay obscene money to a total piece of shit. In a bidding war with other teams. Everything about it is disgusting.

I’ve seen some rumblings that if this gets worse in certain ways, the Browns might be able to get out of it due to some legal loopholes. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t comment on that, but I do hope it’s true, and if the situation presents itself the Browns do the right thing, albeit a little too late. The NFL is also now under increasing pressure as a story I’m sure they want to go away is now looming larger and larger and it’s the worst kind of scandal for the NFL: a moral one. The NFL does not have a great track record of handling moral scandals. A lot of people, myself included, don’t think he should ever play a down of football ever again. Plenty of people would probably be happy with a year ban. The NFL banned Calvin Ridley for a whole fucking season for gambling on games he wasn’t even in, if a sexual predator gets less than a year after this, people are going to compare those two the same way we compared Ray Rice’s two games to Tom Brady’s ball deflation 4. It will all be deserved. I think I’d be content with a year ban, mostly because it’ll be more than I expect the NFL to do. I want a harsher penalty than that, but going by my opinion of the league, a year would be beyond my expectations.

I feel so sorry for every female Browns employee. I feel bad for the fans, who generally seem to be unhappy about the guy. There is obviously a bunch of defenders but it’s not as big a group as I would have expected. It’s just hard to look at this and not feel disgusted by Watson.

Baker is still on the team, which is interesting. I would have thought he’d be gone by now. The best outcome to all of this, for me, would be the NFL and Browns dumping Watson in the trash and Baker leading the team back into playoff contention. Baker seems like a douche, but he’s Cleveland’s douche, and I think he deserved better than this.