Hey dudes, writing this last week, right now I’m totes getting eaten by a bear in the mountains. I will continue to get eaten until next week when it throws me up and I come crawling back. However I will have a comic on Thursday too!

Thanks to Leon for another guest comic! Always reliable. He wanted to show the difference in how training camp gets us all hyped the hell up and everyone is feeling good before the season starts and most of us realize our teams actually suck and we’re in for a bad season or worse…a mediocre one. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been pumped up about all that sweet training camp news only to watch your team draft top 5. *Raises hand*

Leon told me he used the Browns and the image of a dinosaur to reference Myles Garrett, who apparently really loves dinosaurs. At least Garrett actually believes in dinosaurs, unlike that one guy on the Texans. Hopefully he knows the earth is round, too.