Seems like complaints about showing gruesome sports injuries on TV has finally reached the actual broadcasters of said sports. I can’t remember ever seeing an instance where a broadcast simply does not show a replay at all. I’ve seen them show a couple replays and then stop when they realize what they were broadcasting, but to hear Buck and Aikman simply go “yeah we aren’t showing it” as the crowd in the stadium gasps in unison was new to me.

It wasn’t like that everywhere apparently, as the UK broadcast blasted it so replays of the injury still found their way into online circulation pretty fast. When I did stumble on it, I understood why they didn’t show it. It was one of the gnarliest knee injuries I’ve ever seen. I do not recommend looking it up. If you remember Willis Mcgahee, that’s about right. A knee that bends the wrong way, way too far.

I don’t know if Chubb is going to be able to reasonably come back from it. This is the same knee that he had pretty much an identical injury on back in college. The knee has already been severely reconstructed. Fixing up a youthful college-age knee might work, but he’s now 27 with many more years of wear on the same knee. We may never get the same Nick Chubb after this, and it hurts. Chubb was the most likable guy on the team by far. He was so good you even kinda wanted him to succeed just to spite the other guy.

Speaking of the other guy, fuck that guy. He sucks. But now he sucks both literally and figuratively! The Watson trade was ridiculous and a severe overpay even before you take into account his crimes. The Browns burned all goodwill to get this loser and he’s not even good. In Monday’s game he threw bad passes, took bad sacks (one of which led to the game-winning defensive score), and got in scuffles with the refs. I don’t know how he didn’t get flagged or ejected when he shoved that ref. I’ve seen players get ejected for far less ref-touching. He also got flagged twice for facemasking defenders on scrambles. I’ve never seen that. I’d say the refs don’t like him either but…well why didn’t they eject him?

A lot of people want to see Watson get hurt. I can’t go that far, I can’t wish actual harm on him. It would always be more satisfying if he was just total ass. Luckily that’s the timeline we appear to live in. A full offseason hasn’t seemed to help the 260 Million Dollar man get his swag back, instead he’s a giant anchor of scorn and failure around the neck of the team that now has to rely on him even more to win games. Serves you right, Browns.