Poor Browns fans. Joe Haden was a rock for them for years, and give or take ten minutes after he gets released he ends up on probably the one team they wouldn’t be happy for him for.

Right now I think the Browns fans are going through the denial phase of the release, when they are mentally convincing themselves this is actually fine, Joe Haden was actually bad these past two years, and the Steelers woefully overpaid for him, hahaha, actually this is fine. It’s all fine. Everything will be fine. *Screams internally*

Do what you gotta do, Browns fans. Joe Haden is an instant upgrade on the Steelers secondary. He has indeed taken a rather large fall these past two seasons. He’s also been dealing with some injuries. If he stays healthy, I imagine he’ll be okay. At 3 years 27 Million it’s still pretty steep for an under-performer but he’s still kinda young and could still be good again. It’s going to be heartbreak watching Joe in the season opener right across from his former team.

I think it’s interesting that he was picked up so fast. The Browns were reportedly aggressively attempting to trade him. Other teams backed off because they probably saw through the plan and knew he’d just end up cut.

I’m pretty interested in what the Browns are up to. They name Kizer the starter (He will get his hydra head as soon he he physically starts the game, be patient), they trade away Cameron Erving for a low pick, and now have amassed all the picks. Like I stated with the Bills last week, the Browns clearly have a long term plan in mind, and it’s fun to watch the process. I can’t imagine it’s fun as a fan being in the cellar on purpose for the long game but Browns fans have been in the deep cellar so long that this feels like fresh air anyway. It least now it feels like the Browns have a plan other than “Hope our next high draft pick is THE GUY”.