The new chapter of the Money Saga has begun. The war between offense and defense is over. Now the quest to to create money continent begins in the wastes of Michigan.

Matthew Stafford has apparently already broken Derek Carr’s record and has become the highest paid player in NFL history. $135 million. 10 million more than Derek Carr. Oiy, that’s a lot of money.

I don’t know if Stafford deserves it, tbh. I’m a little more torn on this than the Derek Carr contract. I don’t think Stafford has earned it. Earned a big contract? Yes. Earned the BIGGEST contract? Yeah I dunno about that. Stafford is comfortably in the area of above average. He’s never really been elite. He threw for 5000 yards that one year, but he also set a record for pass attempts in a season if I remember correctly. His record against winning teams is abysmal. He’s not bad by any stretch and he took some big steps last season without Megatron. I’d actually say last season was his best season. Without his security blanket he had to be a real QB and he showed he can do it.

I still don’t know if he’s worth the highest contract in NFL history. The Lions need help and this will not help the cap space. The market dictates he should get paid, but this still feels just too much. I think Stafford deserves 100 million. Maybe 110. 115 tops. I think that’s fair for what Stafford has accomplished thus far and his potential for the future. He racks up some nice numbers but there is always more to the story than numbers. He’s not very efficient. He throws the ball a lot to get those high numbers. He’s gotten better as of late, and Lions fans obviously has to hope that trend continues, otherwise this contract is going to hurt in a few seasons.

This seems likes a good place to leave off the money saga until the next payment. We now have a Shangri-Moolah to serve as a base of operations. The quest to punch James Harden in the face starts here.