This is the first year in the history of Money-Verse that things began to decay.

I knew it was going to happen but I was afraid of it. Once you go long enough, someone is gonna start to suck and lose their job. Contracts that seemed huge will now look pitiful. Andy Dalton was Joe Flacco’s first ever friend in the money-verse. Nobody cares about his contract now. This year alone however we had a ton of changes, starting with our protagonist. Flacco isn’t even a Raven anymore. Discarded for pennies and a rookie who had half of an okay season. Now he’s off to Denver to play out the remains of his wasted life for probably one more season as a starter as John Elway continues his stupendous decline into hated general manager. I feel for Joe. One of the league’s better goobers. He’ll toil away on a mediocre offense on a fringe playoff team and might get two years out of it before Elway either gets jettisoned or sticks around to grab another QB because Fangio’s defense saved his job that far along.

But what does this mean for our heroes? Flacco has been the leader for so long now, but mutiny is brewing? What happens to players who no longer have money elite status? Do they die? Do they vanish? I guess this question will finally be addressed. STAY TUNED!