Comics about money, all week long, you bet that means all 5 days. It’s been too long, friends. This offseason has been hectic and bullshit for me, and every time someone got paid (Wentz, Russ, Ben, Foles, AB) or switched teams (like Flacco, Bort, Tannehill) I hadn’t yet addressed the previous development so it got backed up on me. Well now it’s late June and it’s time to make up for lost comics in one fell swoop. This week we are gonna shake up the money-verse. This is gonna be big. Big. Like the next contract. Gotta at least get the new status quo set before Dak gets paid, since everyone wont shut up about that upcoming one.

This being the first of the series and from here out it’s gonna get even dumber and lore-heavy, I guess we should give some time to actually speak about the contracts that have been signed so far this year.

Russ – Honestly I’m fine with it. I think Russ is a top 5 quarterback and I love watching him play. I think he’s a weirdo and I hate the Seahawks, but he’s just so much fun. He was absolutely deserving of the highest contract in the land the same way Rodgers was last year.

Foles – The Jags probably overpaid but what else are they gonna do? Foles was going to get mad stacks no matter what. I’m just interested to see Foles outside Philly, in clear command of a team that isn’t good but was not very good mainly due to QB play.

Wentz – I’m honestly pretty happy in the sense that I think giving Wentz that much was a mistake by the Eagles. If Wentz stays healthy, he’s worth the contract. Two years in a row now he’s been lost for the season due to injury and watching him play scares me. Wentz strikes me as a bit too reckless, closer to the RG3 scrambler type than the Russ type. I worry about QBs like that. Wentz was fine last year before he got hurt again, and I worry what two years of big injuries could do. He might pull a McNabb and becomes a stud pocket passer or he might die. (I hope he dies)

Big Ben – I mean of course captain fat fuck got a big deal, fairly expected. He basically owns the franchise at this point.

Antonio Brown – I believe this may have been discussed already.

If you got thoughts on these contracts, please share ’em!