What a week for old QBs, man. It was pretty sad to see Brees go down.

Brady gets all the headlines for being old and continuing to kick it, but Brees has been quietly right there behind him the whole time. In fact thanks to Brady stealing all the attention, Drew’s constant presence has gone very underappreciated but has still wormed it’s way into our subconscious. Enough that when he got knocked out and we had to watch Teddy Bridgewater flounder the Saints around in the Rams loss, it felt wrong not having Brees there. Brees is as much an institution to the league as Brady is. Knowing that I have to watch a Saints team without Brees for most of the season is weird. I imagine watching the Giants without Eli will be similarly unsettling.

I mean how many of you can name the QB the Saints had before Drew Brees?

It was Aaron Brooks. He started there for years. He was nothing special but still held most Saints passing records before Brees kicked them out the window and then pissed on them. Brees has been around New Orleans forever. Some may remember his San Diego days, but he’s been a Saint through and through since he put on that uniform and it’s weird to think of him as a Charger.

The Saints, an obvious SB contender until this happened, are going to have to find something inside them, fast. They can’t afford to fall too far behind in the weeks Brees is out. The NFC is suddenly a little more open. Brees himself seems about as interested in retirement as Brady does and he probably has about as much left in the tank. I do however worry that this hand injury might really mess him up. It’s his throwing hand. If he rushes back to save an ailing season or just doesn’t quite heal it properly to begin with he might not achieve the same grip he used to have and it will likely affect his throws. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brees does come back and something looks off, and he rapidly ages and retires. We might have witnessed the catalyst for one of our current greats to finally go out.

That’s a bummer.

Also fucking lol Sam Darnold way to get fucking mono