Nick Foles has had such a weird career. He’d be your average journeyman backup in most stories but he also has a season tucked away in there where he was the savior of the Eagles…and then a season several years later when he returned to the Eagles and won a Super Bowl as the backup. Then he got mega paid by the Jags for half a season. Now he’s on the Bears to compete for Mitch Trubisky and the fact is, I have no idea if he’s really any better than Mitch Trubisky.

Because is he? We know he can be. We’ve seen good Nick Foles. But we’ve also seen plenty of mediocre to bad Nick Foles. Outside his first year as the Savior and his late season heroics on the Eagles, he’s been pretty much shit. Nothing special. Completely forgettable. I couldn’t tell you what he did on any of his other teams outside Philly. So is he better than Mitch? Probably, but not by much. Foles has experience but Mitch has more experience in the current system. This might genuinely end up being a QB competition that Foles loses (and then wins in week 3 when Matt Nagy has to try and save his job so he benches Bitch Mitch).

The Bears would have legitimately been better off if they didn’t trade literal assets to Jacksonville to take on his stupid contract and signed a free agent instead. Look who they could have had much easier! Andy Dalton! He’s not great, but he’s like good Mitch and can take care of the ball. Jameis Winston! He can’t take care of the ball but he’s also enough of a funslinger to make shit happen and the defense could cover up some of his mistakes. If they waited a bit more, they could even get Cam Newton! An injury risk for sure, but a top level talent who could still have a lot to give. Stick any of those 3 on the Bears on a short incentive deal and you are in a better spot than Nick Foles.

I don’t think Nagy makes it to 2021. But you never know. I think Patricia is my other sure-fired bet.