Nick Foles dead. Till like week 10 at least.

It was a pretty big bummer to see Foles go down on a heroic throw like that. The dude finally gets the Jags in the game against the Chiefs and then gets the Tony Romo special. Just like that, the Jags hopes die out, and they now get to ride the meme of Gardner Minshew for the foreseeable future. At least Gardner is fun looking. He reminds me of late-career give no fucks Kyle Orton. Maybe he’ll make the Jags fun in the Foles downtime.

It also feels important to pass IR off. I always felt like RG3 belonged there, but this offseason makes it clear that the true QB who belongs behind that bar is our good dead friend Andrew Luck. I couldn’t let that poor man spend his last few moments in the Draw Play as just a broken corpse. He deserves a place. This is a fitting place. Maybe he and RG3 can join up when RG3 finally retires/dies for good. Until then, this is Andrew’s bar now.

I will never tire of Nick Foles Dick Jokes.