I’m sure some of you expected this on Thursday but the news broke too late for me to hit it. Not a lucky break.

ANDREW LUCK IS NOW THE HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN NFL HISTORY. And another chapter to the Fort Elite Moneys saga has been written. It’s weird to think all of this started in Joe Flacco’s bedroom.┬áThis narrative is getting out of hand, at some point I assume I will be drawing Teddy Bridgewater with Death Star Elite Money. Maybe I’ll pull a hack TV writer storyline and hit the reset button. Or this will eventually build into the Draw Play’s series finale and my final comic will be some player creating an entire money universe.

I’ve seen some noise disputing the contract. I guess it’s understandable. Luck is a big time player but so far he really hasn’t played quite to this highest level. He’s an interception machine and it seems like he does too much. Giving up on a broken play is okay once in a while. But still, if you had to build your team around a young and promising player, Luck would be very high on that list. He’s damn good, and the Colts are taking the understandable gamble of keeping him around forever hoping he will live up to all that hype he’s still riding.

I don’t really know who will get the next mega contract. Cam got paid. Wilson got paid. Luck got paid. The way things are going it might be Sheldon Richardson from the Jets, or hell, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Teddy Bridgewater needs to take a step forward this season before there is any risk of him making more than journeyman money. Bortles? Bort took a step forward and has shown potential. Maybe Winston and/or Mariota down the line 4 years from now. Derek Carr might get hella paid too. There are options, but right now nobody looks like a sure thing. so lets make it fun and take bets we will all forget about!

Who will be the next highest paid player in NFL history?