Dolphins with one of the first major injuries of the preseason! Who had money on the Phins? Congrats, you’re a winner. Ryan Tannehill might be dead.

Tannehill was scrambling at practice and appeared to jam his left knee up towards the end of his run. Now he’s dead. His knee has been left in a state of perpetual limbo where nobody knows if he needs season ending surgery or not. It’s just like Ryan Tannehill himself! A QB in a perpetual state of limbo because nobody knows if he is truly good or not.

Even if Tannys isn’t great he’s still the best option for the Phins which puts Miami in a butt of a situation before the season starts. Now perpetual dolphins backup Matt Moore is back in action! Good ol’ Matt Moore. He’s like that bumbling sidekick in action movies that occasionally does the right thing and means well but mostly just sort of pointlessly exists for comic relief.

Immediately I heard rumors of Kaep and even Jay Cutler getting picked up. I don’t see either happening. Too many people still hate Kaep even though he might be a decent fit in the run heavy offense, and Jay Cutler is kind of a giant mystery. Matt Moore knows the score. Matt will save the Dolphins. Matt will get those 7 wins, I believe in him.

I eagerly look forward to the next 4 weeks to see what other team gets debilitating injuries and tanks the season before the season even starts. My money is on the Chargers, but they usually don’t start dying there until the season begins. But maybe it’ll be different in Los Angeles! We don’t know. Maybe the Buccaneers, because nobody is looking at them. They have promise, they have Ryan Fitzpatrick…I think the Bucs are going to randomly die.